Some Notes on a Very Dramatic Tuesday (Day 96)

Today was eventful, just like everyday on Eldridge. There seems to always be something dramatic in the air in our house—excitement, lost treasures, intrigue and betrayal. 
Eldridge would be an ideal name for a soap opera, right?

We are in our 107th day of Spring Break and did not have a firm itinerary for the day. While our Spring Break is very much a “staycation” with crew practice and lacrosse/baseball/dance/juggling serving as bookends on each day, I like to have plans and schedules to keep me from languishing and feeling unaccomplished. This is in direct opposition to my free wheeling, creative, laidback, no plans for the future lifestyle. But, I am complicated just like the rest of us, so I like lists and agendas and goals and achievement as much as I love brainstorming and unplanned chats that last hours and accomplish nothing.

I really like achievement! 

I find without a daily plan, everything goes, well, to quote Chloe, “completely bonkos.” While the chaos is ever present, at least when you have a plan you have a place to land once the screaming stops. 

Anyway, here are the soap opera updates:

  1. I’ll start with betrayal, since the betrayal was the most horrific and early drama of the day: the Keurig has now stopped working, again. This time, as soon as you turn it on, water just begins pouring out. Needless to say, I am angry, heart-broken and not a super hero with a dangly earring as a tool. I have no idea what to do now and am completely lost.
  2. Some intrigue: my mother cannot find her birth certificate which she keeps with all her very very private and important papers in a metal box which is hidden somewhere very very important and private. Of course this is my fault in some way, even though I have nothing to do with her very important and private things. Other intrigues: Lily’s missing white crew t-shirt, Nick’s missing baseball bag, Chloe’s missing phone and ballet shoe. I’ve been falsely accused of taking all these items; but have no memory of them being missing. Perhaps it was my alter ego?
  3. On the lost treasure front: my mother is a hoarder of documents and in her search for the birth certificate, I’ve allegedly taken, many treasures were uncovered—including the gem pictured above! In college, I was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer (no idea why) and I provided false answers to the reporter! I’ve never, ever rollerbladed in Fairmont Park. I did, however, frequent all the galleries in Old City and I was NOT friends with my main roommate, although my suite mate Clarissa is a friend for life! 
  4. On the excitement front: tonight is the long awaited “Camp Cool” camp out in our backyard. The neighbor kids are here, the tent is up and no one is sleeping. Send prayers the campers are legit cool and go to bed, because we are a coffee-less household and I might turn into Godzilla in the morning!
Until next time, dear friends!