Napping: An Addiction (Day 102)

I've become addicted to a daily nap, like I am toddler. 

Or an old man. Or a cat!

It started out of desperation--the first week of early rising nearly killed me and I had to nap or I feared I'd pass out on the way to dance class pick-up or begin snoring during a Powerpoint presentation (this has happened before. But at least I was off camera). 

But, now, it has been three weeks and I have to take a nap daily. In fact, sometimes, I feel like I cannot even stray too far from my bed. 

I am addicted to napping! 

A month ago, I was 100-percent not a napper. In fact, I often told my husband that napping was for losers and babies. 

I hated missing out on my day when I could be accomplishing something very important like scrolling through my Facebook feed or reading a book or working! 

But, now, I have to nap. Today, I did not even have to get early. (Lily had a race yesterday, so we got to rise with the sun like human beings). But, today, I had to nap. 

My children will remember me as the mother who napped! And I am not super pleased about that. I mean will they tell their kids: "My mom napped a lot when we were kids! We could not interrupt her during nap time!" They will probably think I have some invalid-like condition that causes me to fatigue easily. Or that I have a mental disorder or I am addicted to pain killers or something. 

When, the real truth is, I am addicted to my afternoon nap! 

Today, I tried to go cold turkey and power through nap time without napping and I ended up like this:

Asleep on the dining room bench, like my family's own in-house hobo. 

So, I think I need a sponsor! Or an intervention! Or a pillow. . .