Masked Mini-Breaks (Day 92)

Today we left New Jersey!! I haven’t intentionally left the state since December. 

(On Thursday; I accidentally left the state because I was engrossed in the traffic and in a very very very important conversation with a colleague about very important things and went over the Walt Whitman Bridge. I had to turn around to get back to NJ and the Easter Bunny. )

Anyway. . . We are in the far flung land of PENNSYLVANIA! 

It is amazing. We went to one of our favorite spots—Hershey—just for two days and a night, so we can be back in time for the Easter Bunny to create all the Easter magic and for Easter Sunday with my
Mom. Earlier this week, I was feeling tragic about the second postponement  of Pearl Jam’s European tour. I had this wonderful fantasy of spending weeks in the UK with my family, our beloved friends (who are Nick’s godparents) and Pearl Jam.  The change was not unexpected in anyway; but like everyone else, I am sick of being where I live by force. 

Before the pandemic, even though I worked from home, we were never home that much. Mike work traveled. I’d go to the ALSF office in Philly or the Happy Family office in New York. We’d escape for weekends and had PR, Amsterdam and Paris planned; plus Lily’s 50 state lemonade stand tour.

I sometimes never unpacked my suitcase.

It was a different life entirely. 

And while, yes, I know people “can” travel; our kids really cannot. They have commitments to their teams and while they can miss a single practice; they cannot partake in the mandatory quarantine without falling short on their commitment. 

So mini break to Hershey it is! 

We all so desperately needed this short sojourn away from Eldridge. In this pandemic, I feel like home has become synonymous with work—school work, home work, work work, house work, yard work and volunteer work. We are lucky to have all this work and a place to do all the work; but we are all work weary. 

So for 24 hours, we are having the (masked, socially distanced) time of our lives—Popeyes chicken on the road, roller coasters and chocolate, a hotel pool, the club lounge, Troegs on a park bench and Chili’s in a strip mall for dinner at 9pm. (I think I got a souvenir margarita shaker!) 

This mini break is not Disney and it’s not a warm beach and it isn’t Europe—but it already destined to be one of the best mini breaks ever—because we are taking this break, together.