The middle few miles (Day 78)

Every 5 or 6 days, writing here feels like the middle miles of a run. It is not like the beginning, when I am all pumped and internally shouting: "LET'S MAKE THIS THE BEST RUN EVER." Or the end, when I am all pumped because it seems like I haven't died (OMG IS THIS A DREAM? AM I ACTUALLY ALIVE). 

It feels like the middle, when the following thoughts go through my head:

2. It is now the same distance to the start as it is to the finish, so basically my only option is to die here. 
3. Is there a short cut?
4. Can someone just come pick me up?
5. I am going to walk. 
6. Maybe I'll try to run really fast and pretend this isn't happening. 

Thought #6 is usually where I land and this usually ends in me twisting my ankle, because instead of doing my best, I am doing my fastest, which then means I simply do my sloppiest. 

And, as I've mentioned before, I do have a bad ankle, which is clearly the result of #6. 

Anyway, doing anything really fast and pretending it isn't happening is absolutely not the best solution to an endurance dilemma. And this "write every single day in Yoke" is one-percent an endurance dilemma. And while technically half-way through the year is sometime in June; many days feel like the middle of this writing commitment. In this writing middle, the following thoughts go through my head:

2. Seriously, what can I write about?
3. I'll write later. 
4. What if I don't write later, I'll write right now. 
5. I have nothing to write about. 
6. Has anyone died? Are there any current events to write about?
7. Should I write a list of things I like again? things I hate?
8. I cannot write about THAT, even though THAT is marvelous. 
9. I'll just write really fast. 
10. What if I quit?

Once I get to #9 and attempt to write really fast, I usually end up with 17 false starts--the writers equivalent of repeatedly twisting ones ankle. 

Then when I get to #10, I realize that answer to "What if I quit?" is nothing happens. But then again, everything happens. If I quit, then I cheat myself of building the endurance that comes pushing through it and reaching the finish line. 

Today is one of those middle days. I know there will be more middle days. But, at least I got through this one.