Happiness List Vol 2 (Day 79)

At the start of this year, I wrote a list of the things that gave me joy. The list was prompted by a happiness meditation I did led by Cody Rigsby (my absolute favorite Peloton instructor). Cody's classes give me endless joy--his rides make me laugh and dance. And his meditations are surprisingly deep and focused (for someone who calls everyone Boo and dispenses relationship advice while leading you through a climb ride with Britney Spears as a soundtrack. 

Anyway, since that first list, I've been trying to think about the things that give me happiness on a more regular basis. 

And then, tonight, as I started this blog, our power went off. Not just our power, but the whole neighborhood—and I think even adjacent neighborhoods are in the dark. Lily was babysitting tonight across the street—and so Lily and Tristan came here. Then everyone played giant UNO with a plethora of lanterns. 

Our other neighbors texted us to check on us and Lily. And we have fresh cookies just out of the oven. My laptop has enough juice to get this blog written. 

These things give me joy. I am so happy we live on Eldridge. We’ve found a home and a community and a family. I am so glad we are home and safe and together. 

Here are some other things that give me joy:

1.     Matching pajama sets. 

2.     Fresh tulips on my kitchen island. 

3.     The Price is Right theme song. 

4.     When my teenager calls me Mommy. 

5.     Spending time with all my kids together. 

6.     Spending individual time with each of them. 

7.     My new collection of African violets in my dining room (it reminds me of my grandfather!)

8.     A Mary Higgins Clark novel. 

9.     When my dog wags his tail when I walk I by. 

10.  When my husband laughs. 

11.  When I pick up my kids from crew/soccer/lacrosse/dance and they have pink cheeks and joy in their eyes. 

12.  When my cat Rosie graces us with her presence. 

13.  My plans for my garden. 

14.  That 13 is my lucky number. 

15.  Having a full house of my kids and my pets and my husband and my mom. 

I think my happiness list will always be overflowing and that, of course, makes me endlessly happy.