What Ever Happened To PaRappa the Rapper? (Day 42)

Tonight, as my husband left to pick up our son from Hip Hop, he informed me that he loved my outfit because it reminded him of PaRappa the Rapper.*


If you are unsure who PaRappa is, he is the character on a late-1990s Playstation video game. I had a vague recollection of him, which led to me thinking:

What ever happened to him? 

Of course I immediately turned to google and then Mike also got distracted and for last hour he has been showing me YouTube videos of PaRappa.**

Okay, so you might be wondering why in the world am I writing about a fictional character from a video game.*** If you are still reading, which I realize is questionable at this point, I'll tell you why. . .

This walk down memory lane, led me to think of other characters from the late 1990s--the cast of 90102 (RIP Luke Perry!), the cast of Melrose Place, our old neighbors in Jamison, friends from high school, random third cousins twice removed that I was forced to take photos with by my Nana, friends from my early, pre-Delta Zeta days at Temple and several professors who actually enjoyed my writing (and seemed to enjoy my excuses for my late work). 

What ever happened to all these people? Where are they? 

A quick search through my Facebook friends list yielded some insights. But, really, I don't know what happened to some of these people. And honestly, I cannot remember the proper names of some of these people (searching "Jess who was older and listened to soap operas in her car by Annenberg Hall in between classes" or "Nice Lady who taught PR who got me an internship at Woman's Day and was scared of me" did not yield the results I wanted). 

Social media is such a wonderful tool for staying connected; but as time goes on I lose track of people and their comings and goings. And even when I see their posts everyday, there is nothing like nothing a good old fashioned personal chat--whether in real life or on the phone or even just a quick email conversation. Plus not everyone airs their dirty laundry like I do.  It is so good to catch up and reminisce and be reminded of all the places and people I've encountered along the way. 

Tonight, I sent one message to a pal from my freshman year in architecture school. She has not replied yet (my note was a little spammy and she might think I am selling fake eyelashes now); but I am looking forward to hearing how she is and just catching up a little (and making her buy Girl Scout cookies). 

Tomorrow, when I am pretending to do some important work, I am going do a deep dive into the whereabouts of the cast of Melrose Place--maybe follow them all on Instagram and double tap some of their old lady famous people exploits.  If I've got time leftover, I am going to stalk the property records on my old street in Jamison and see where all my old neighbor pals ended up. 

And I throwing it out into the universe now to my WIDE network of followers: do you know me from a past life? Do you wonder whatever happened to me (I mean probably not because you read about me every day)? Have you been internet stalking me for years and too afraid to say hello? Never fear, I am an internet stalker as well and I am flattered by your secret attention!  Drop me a line! I promise to reply in 7-10 business days and hear you out before I get a restraining order  (however, I am NOT buying your fake eyelashes)****. 

*Tonight I also prove that I can indeed write about ANYTHING.

**Obviously nothing happened to him, since he is not real. He is still rapping whenever someone pulls out their vintage Playstation. 

***Which is ridiculous by the way, you should be asking yourself WHY HAVEN'T YOU THOUGHT ABOUT PARAPPA IN THE PAST 25 YEARS?!

****But I could be easily convinced. I'll buy anything.