Here's Your Guide to NOT Prepping Ahead. (Day 52)

I know all my Type A friends either prepped for the week ahead on Saturday or Sunday. They are the ones finishing laundry and organizing backpacks and meal prepping and grocery shopping and comparing calendars. 

Like the rebel I am, I've decided to embrace a new kind of weekend-work week preparation: the kind where I don't do it.

Let me tell you, it is is marvelous. 

This is not to say I spend my weekends lazing about drinking mimosas and watching Netflix (okay, I may do some of that. Although I keep forgetting to get orange juice.). I do plenty, albeit in a disjointed, non-organized sort of way. Instead, I've been trying to stick with my 2021 word of the year (Pause!) and my dedicated to the Year of No (!) by pausing and saying no! 

It is a therapeutic procrastination of sorts. Why should I race around preparing for my Monday; when what I really want to do is soak up the glory of an unscheduled weekend day?

I cannot think of one good reason why I should be at Wegmans; when I can be at home sorting my clothes into "pandemic" and "non-pandemic" piles or watching my husband rip aluminum siding off the front door!

So, here's how to be lazy and brilliant on your weekends like me:

1. Say No! No matter who tries to get you to schedule something, say NO! (of course there are things you need to say yes to--like your kids sports and church and maybe washing your underwear and joyous small group, masked, socially distant celebrations). And stay firm, just because you are home, does not mean you are available for anything last minute unless you really want to be! 

2. Make Friday the day you make your Monday list. I used to finish up my work on Friday and literally toss my notebook and calendar and laptop in the corner upon hitting send on my last email. But now, I don't do this. Instead, I stop and organize my calendar and my Monday to-do list so I am ready to roll on Monday morning. 

3. Make your children prep their own stuff. Since pandemic has us all at home, my kids have more time on their hands. My husband has gotten really good at making the kids fold laundry (sometimes they do this), empty the dishwasher (I mean we have to remind them 17 times) and being in charge of laying out clothes, charging iPads and backing up their school stuff. They are older--but even the second grader is capable of doing most of this.

4. Do some stuff, of course! I think by not scheduling things, there is more time to do laundry in a distracted, non-stressful way. And full disclosure: I rarely do laundry, it is all my husband! But I do other things--like I finally cleaned out my entire pantry and continued to work on reorganizing my bathroom. Instead of feeling like a burden or a to-do, these things gave me some joy this weekend. I made my children do all the hard parts, like taking out the trash. (I love having children!)

5. Schedule stuff once in a while! Sometimes though, I feel like all this extra time has passed me by and I have serious FOMO. So I do have to work on scheduling stuff before I see all my lazy Sunday's pass me by. I think I'll ask my children to schedule something. . . so I can watch Netflix.