All the Things on My Mind (Day 41)

Similar to my home, my brain is a very, very busy messy place. Sometimes, this allows me the skill of focusing on one task amongst the chaos; other times, well, as the saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." 

Today, I joined 'em in the mess and as a result, I have SO MANY things on my mind. So, instead of trying to focus on just one, I'am going to share them all in no particular order:

1. Today is the 19th anniversary of the day Brandon at the Bath and Body Works on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont noticed my engagement ring at check out! Which means (and I probably should have lead with this), yesterday was the 19th anniversary of my engagement to Mike. While the Bath and Body Works on Church Street is permanently closed (I hope Brandon found a new job, he was a manager!), Mike and I are still going strong. 

2. The $200 worth of rare seeds I ordered in a panic arrived! The panic was because every time I went to the website, they were closed for 48 hours due to "unprecedented demand." Finally, I went to the site and they were open, so I bought everything on the site. Mike pointed out last night that I am not really one to start things from seed (like ever! I love buying organic fancy plants from the Farmer's Market that have already made it through the precarious intensive care seedling days) and that he was a bit confused as to why I bought all the seeds. 

That makes two of us. 

3. We finished up Firefly Lane! Quick review; I liked it, although I really think we only powered through to finish it and get that amazing sense of accomplishment one gets when they finish a Netflix series in 3 days.  I was confused with all the leaps through time especially when the only difference was the hair cut. And then, I got even more confused because curtain bangs are now trending as they seemed to be in the 70s and 80s and I really have no idea what we watched or when it happened or why I care what happened. I cannot WAIT for season 2. 

4. OMG HAVE YOU WATCHED 'FRAMING BRITNEY SPEARS?' I haven't been this intrigued since my discovery of the "Finding Richard Simmons" podcast. Call all your relatives get their Hulu passwords and go watch it! Then, go listen to my favorite Britney Song of all time "Lucky" and make up your own storytelling choreography. I am telling you this is the best therapy 2021 can offer. #FreeBritney 

5. I am distracted by my bathroom facelift plans which I haven't told my husband about yet, but since he is one of 7 loyal blog readers he will now know. When we bought Eldridge, we always said we'd redo the 2nd floor bathroom immediately. Then we did the kitchen and that was traumatic and now our bathroom is still, well, words cannot do it justice and I refuse to photograph it. Anyway, on Monday when I was supposed to be doing very important work, but was instead playing with my lipsticks, I had a brilliant idea to move some storage shelves that serve no purpose and put in a makeup vanity, which led to more ideas on the face lift and now there are several packages on the way to the house! 

I am going to stop at 5 things on my mind. There are about 5 billion things, but I've got all year to tell you.