Week 2 Review + Weekend Preview (Day 15)

 Well, it seems I have a little tradition going here--two Fridays in a row, I've shared my week in review! I know you are all probably on the edge of your seat waiting to know how it is all going! (Note: I am not following whatever format I used last week. Mostly because I am lazy.) 

So, I am happy to oblige! (I do adore talking about myself!)

Oh and as a bonus, I included a weekend preview. 

1. Progress towards my daily goals: 100% compliance! Daily abs, daily meditation and daily Yoke-writing! I have to say daily meditation has really helped me in so many ways. Somehow I feel less attached to drama. I still love drama, but I let it go and then have more space to focus on non-dramatic things and brand-new-super-dramatic things. 

2. I have not worked on my book and no, Karen, I have not built my desk. I have two weeks to find 4 hours to book write and find lumber. 

3. Word of Year: Pause! I think my biggest accomplishment pausing happened when I fell asleep midday one day while writing something. I woke up and all the things were buzzing. My iWatch was vibrating, my phone was angrily aglow and my laptop was ringing. I looked at the clock and I had only been asleep for 7 minutes. So I went back to sleep. 

And you know what, 7 minutes later, everything was buzzing again and I had two phone conversations I don't remember. If I spoke to you and I seemed "off" just like shoot me a text, thanks!

4. Favorite Blog Post of the Week: Cataract Surgery! It did result in quite the buzz--lots of tips, concern for my mother's well-being (she loved it!) and I fully expect the left eye to be just as fun to document! 

5. Least Favorite Blog of the Week: Squint, from Saturday. It was annoying to write. I might rethink my Saturday writing exercise. BUT, it did remind me that I am due for new glasses! I feel like I barely got to wear my old glasses because they are for driving and distance. I haven't been in a conference room since March 2020 and I rarely drive, except for surgical and boujee helium needs. Aren't these cute?

6. The Rest of the Week: I am honestly don't remember. But somehow we now have a Robot Flying Shark Balloon named Bessie. 

7. Weekend PREVIEW: Tomorrow is Chloe's first front yard cookie booth of the year. So if you are local, swing by in your hazmat suit for some cookies ($5/box!) from 10am-2pm. 

Then in the evening is the annual Lemon Ball. It is virtual this year, but Chloe has some big plan,  that she wrote about for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, to make it spectacular! Plus, our family will be interviewed during cocktail hour. Lily, Chloe and Nick all love the Lemon Ball. And they really love Alex's Lemonade. I am so glad they've learned how giving to others enriches your life so much more than holding onto money does. We are really blessed to have this amazing night to look forward to, plus being gifted with this first born of ours, is pretty awesome. In case you missed Lily's story:

Happy FRIDAY Yoke-sters!