Last Week of January Review (Day 29)

In case you are wondering:
  • I forgot what week of the year it is and I am too lazy to look. I could have looked by now, I know. But that seems like giving into the man, so we are just going to refer to this weekly update in a vague, albeit specific way. 
  • It is cold. It is so cold. It is like really, really cold. 
  • I've been interrupted 47 times at this point in my writing. There were all sorts of interruptions and endless questions that I answered "yes" to. 
  • All that being said, if you see one of my children doing something reckless or ill-advised, know that they had my full permission.
  • I've yelled at my husband twice, when he was just trying to converse with me (writing is a sacrifice! Always thank a writer's spouse!) 
Now that those important notes are out of the way, onto the "Last week of January Review!"

It was another action-packed week in my world, as usual. And I know some of you may worry about my mental health following the sewage situation (plus of course cataract surgery and the pants on fire situation, see below). I think I am mentally even; but like, my children, if you see me doing something reckless or ill-advised, know that I am doing it with my own full permission (and stop me, thanks). 

Here's what happened this week:

Sunday: This is the day I caught my pants on fire at Chloe's 12th Birthday Winter Soiree. Since I ruined my pants (but my leg made it unscathed!), I rewarded myself for my pain and suffering by purchasing 3 pairs of pants from Vuori. I'll let you know if they are flammable too! 

Monday: This was CATARACT day. But I also interviewed an amazing childhood cancer researcher. I love talking to scientists and this one was particularly special. He chose his speciality as a post-doc and then, in a strange twist, his brother was diagnosed with the same cancer. His brother died. Now, 30 years later, he is working to make a difference and find safer treatments and cures in memory of his brother. I am always reminded of the Holy when I hear a story of someone sacrificing their own grief to help someone else. (I'll write more about this another time). 

Tuesday: This was CATARACT follow-up day, but it was also the day I conquered my own anxiety around calling CHOP and making follow-up appointments for Lily. The appointments are just follow-ups with neurosurgery and ophthalmology but I'll never conquer that horrible anxiety that comes when I dial the phone. But, I did it. 

Wednesday: I CAN FINALLY TALK ABOUT MY HAIR!! It was my 5-week root touch-up appointment. This time, Sam did some rose gold on my roots and then a rose gold glaze. I love talking about my hair. And Sam. And I've done some extreme things to make sure my roots and highlights were on point, even during the early days of the lockdown (including climb through hedges)! I really love talking about my hair. But, alas, it's onto:

Thursday: This was the day I declared I'd be the Trish of No and there was sewage in the basement. I did a gratitude meditation last night and I thought, I should be grateful to have a home with sewage in it, because it means I have a home. 

But, I could not go that far and I am not that elevated. BUT, I am thankful for my husband and his many, many skills with plumbing (he fixed it himself! and worked a full day. He is not living in a year of no, apparently) and his dedication to finishing tasks. 

Friday: Well, today I immediately contradicted my Year of No, as a result of a conversation with a very cunning member of the clergy and I think agreed to 3 new things. But the Trish of No, has said No, so therefore has room for Yes, so I guess it is meant to be. Or I was scammed completely. Either way, I am always excited for new projects! 

Saturday: Of course, Saturday has not happened yet, but I am a bit of psychic, so I give you some insider intel on what will happen. Mike will wake up at 5:30 to take Lily to crew and then pick her up at 8 am. I'll sleep through entire thing and then be genuinely surprised when Mike says he is "tired" or needs "to rest." 

Sunday: Here's another look into the future--I am completing my 400th ride on the Peloton at 7 am with Sam Yo. My leaderboard name is the name my mother intended to give me at birth: TrishTheDish7. 

Happy Friday! 

PS It is cold.