Carrying the "I have absolutely no idea what to write box"

The hardest part of writing and publishing a blog everyday is that you have to actually write and publish something every day.

Today, I have several ideas—but not one that seems to stick. There are several that held to the wall for a few moments; but sure enough, they made their slow, definitive slide out of the picture and joined their other bad idea pals.

Today I am carrying the very real feeling of too many ideas mixed with too much indecision (AKA, the “I have absolutely no idea what to write box”)

I always have too many ideas—sit in a meeting with me for 15 minutes and you’ll hear at least 17 ideas (and that’s if I am half paying attention. If I am all in, the ideas are infinite). I specialize in ideas—most of them bad or unrealistic or will never be implemented—but I love ideas--almost as much as I love a fresh notebook and a sharpened pencil.

So here are some of my ideas for things to write about this month:

  1. Picking up and carrying grace
  2. What I carry in my handbag (I’d also like to know what in the $%!! is in my bag. It weighs as much as a child)
  3. Carrying the ashes (so morbid, but you know, you see what you get)
  4. Being carried when I’ve been broken
  5. The 568108 apps I am forced to carry on my phone to keep track of my life
  6. My tattoo
  7. Birthday cakes (Happy Birthday Mike!)
  8. My favorite handbags
  9. Things I make my husband carry (like my lipstick and the trash to the curb)
  10. The book I am carrying.
  11. The 90-Day Planning Calendar that I carry but refuse to open because it stresses me out. 
  12. Secrets I carry (don’t get too excited. my secrets are really things like, drinking non-organic, conventional milk and that I think I have a cavity)
  13. Things no one should carry (like guns.)
  14. You can only pick what you can carry (childhood trauma in the pumpkin patch)
  15. Cash and carry—what does this mean exactly? 
  16. My friend named Carrie, mother to Connie 
  17. My other friend named Keren, who goes by Kerrie

I could go on and on.

Now a rational person would take this list and begin selecting and writing about each idea. But then what will become of all the other ideas I will surely have tomorrow and the next day and the day after that?

It’s too risky to commit.