Honor Jordan: November 18 Random Act of Kindness Day

I found this poem when I was flipping through an ancient set of poetry books long ago gleaned from my grandparents bookcase. I was struggling with how to explain the life of a beautiful girl named Jordan DuPriest when I stumbled upon this Emily Dickinson poem. Like a feather, the poem floated right into my lap and my consciousness. 

Jordan DuPriest is hope. 

Jordan was a warrior-a beautiful, smiling warrior girl who died when she was 12 years old at the hands of ependymoma. Twice, Jordan was the first person to donate to my own childhood cancer warrior's Alex's Lemonade Stand. Twice, Jordan inspired me to never hesitate to give fully and completely when asked to help grow hope. 

Death did not take away the hope that shined through Jordan's eyes like a beacon--her legacy lives on through her family. Her mother, Kimberly, is a relentless advocate for childhood cancer awareness, research and cures. Her steps are fueled by endless love for her child and for the unrelenting belief that Jordan's legacy will be hope: hope for healing, hope for a cure, hope for childhoods free of cancer.

There is nothing more delicious than love and hope, growing and building and battling towards the day when childhood cancer, when brain tumors like ependymoma, are in the history books and we find ourselves victorious.

On Tuesday, November 18, we all have a chance to grow and build the legacy of one special girl: Jordan DuPriest. Jordan passed away on November 18, 2013 at the hands of ependymoma, a vicious pediatric brain tumor, for which there is no cure. Jordan dedicated her short life to raising awareness, to working towards a cure and to waving the feather of Hope for all to see. 

Jordan is a feather—a light in the breeze—a bright shining example of hope and its limitless possibilities. 

On November 18, join the Fairy GodMother Project to honor Jordan’s legacy of selflessness and hope. It is simple:

  • RSVP on Facebook to join the Random Acts of Kindness Day in Honor of Jordan
  • Sign up and receive cards (via email) from the Fairy Godmother Project.
  • On November 18, perform a random act of kindness, heck, perform 12 random acts of kindness. Give the receipt the card; and encourage them to pay it forward. 
  • Share what you did with the FairyGodmother Project, share it on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag: #HonorJordan

 Join me to honor the life of a beautiful girl and to continue her legacy of hope.


  1. Thank you so much for continuing Jordan's story and life. Knowing that others are moved to do acts of kindness in her memory gives my broken heart much needed therapy ~Jordan's mom

  2. The poem is perfect for the subject matter, and the post inspiring and beautifully written. I can't wait to meet Jordan in heaven.

  3. Awesome, Trish. Imagine what the world would look like if we all did one nice thing a day for someone else. Wonderful tribute to a beautiful girl.

  4. How lovely! What a beautiful girl and a wonderful legacy. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful poem and so fitting. I am planning on participating tomorrow.

  6. Such a beautiful poem and a sweet little boy! Cancer definitely sucks!


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