Last Minute Guide to a Spooky Halloween

Halloween is Friday. Apparently. There are no more weekends. There are just four days to make Halloween spooktacular, while also managing the necessary household things (like feeding, clothing, home working and entertaining the little ones.).

Forget Pinterest. Forget Martha Stewart. Forget ghosts and goblins artfully made from footprints. Put down the glue gun, pick up a glass of wine and let your house do the work for you!

All you need is my Last Minute Guide to a Spooky Halloween. My guide will make your house spooky, to even the most critical of Trick or Treaters! And the best part: it gives you full permission to avoid household work in the name of all things scary.

Killing two birds with one stone, is super spooky, right?

Here are my top guide tips for a last minute spooky Halloween!

1. Haunted houses always have cobwebs; so put away your feather duster!

How lucky am I? These cobwebs are right in my front windows! If I get really lucky maybe a spider will come along!

2. The best costumes are homemade, so stop doing laundry!

Full disclosure: I spent approximately 400 hours making amazing handmade costumes that my children just throw around like LAUNDRY. The "Laundry Monster Costume" is the new exclusive costume for my family!

3. No time to carve your pumpkin, no problem! Let nature do the job!

For years, we fought the squirrels using scarecrows and keeping our pumpkins indoors. No more! I say, let the squirrels do the work!

4. Dead flowers give a natural abandoned graveyard appeal! (and they're free!)

And to think, my husband thought I had carelessly forgotten to water the hanging baskets! I was planning Halloween all along! #Overachiever

5. Clean out your pantry and fill your trick or treat bowl!

Okay, so this tip requires some effort, but really, you could just take your arm and swipe off the pantry shelves, using the minimal amount of work, right? And imagine the joy on children's faces when they present their mother with Quick-Cooking Grits and Goya Bouillon! You are saving their mother a trip to the grocery store. We all have to stick together, right?

Happy Halloween!


  1. This may be one of my favorite DIY posts of all time! I love that my house can be a spooky awesome Halloween house simply because I'm a full time working mom and totally exhausted all of the time! HAHA! :)

    1. It is like your house is possessed and totally does it, itself. All very fabulous. And self sustaining, like a bio-dome!

  2. Oh my gosh! Hilarious! Who needs a store when you can shop for you decorations at home! Perfect!

  3. ROFL!! That is awesome. You apparently know my family well ;)

  4. So funny! I can't even imagine what would happen if I gave out some of those treats!

  5. I love the dead plant, I've been there done that we had all these dead plants in front of our house for a week my husband finally replaced them with mums.

    1. Julia! Your husband totally ruined the abandoned house vibe. Does he know nothing? hahahah

  6. Hysterical. Cob Webs stay until Saturday!


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