Farewell to preschool.

First day.
It is silly, isn't it? Something as normal as the end of preschool has me completely utterly flapping.

It seems like just yesterday that Chloe was skipping into the her Mother's Morning Out Class at preschool--and now she is 5, wrapping up her entire preschool days and in a few months, leaving us for kindergarten.

I want to curl up in a ball and sob. (after I lock her in her room and keep her at home forever.)

My little Coco is growing up. More accurately, I am noticing how much she has grown up. Milestones give you that perspective.

Last day.
Chloe was just 3 lbs when she was born. I forget how sick I was and how sick she was, because after those 4 weeks in the NICU, life flew by. Chloe grew. She became Lily's little sister and Nick's big sister. She became a friend and a kind-hearted, fun loving friend. She became a little ballerina. She became a singer and an artist. She became my best friend.

I know she is not leaving yet. However, September will be here so quickly. And then June and September again and on and on and on. I will mark the days as the school years begin and end. I know each end and beginning will be bittersweet. Parenthood is a process of letting going.

After all my little Chloe never belonged to me anyway.

For now, I will savor those hugs that melt right into me. I will delight in her sweet raspy little voices that proclaims big dreams of being a mom and playing with all her children and writing poems and dancing and delighting and loving God and living a beautiful, beautiful life.

This is my Chloe. She is quite simply, the bee knees, the apple of my eye and the girl on the cusp of everything.

We recorded this video earlier this week. I don't want to ever forget a thing.


  1. My youngest is finishing with elementary school shortly - my oldest will be starting grade 12. There will be lots of changes in the next year plus! I can identify with how you are feeling. It goes so fast!

  2. So cute! Love her little raspy voice!


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