Three Times the Love: Hand & Feet Canvas Art

I think my favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.

I love love! (Didn't Theresa from RHONJ say this once?)

Anyway, I do love all the hearts and roses and xoxo's and jewelry and chocolates and champagne and steak for dinner.

Plus the time between Christmas and Valentine's Day is so depressing. The tree comes down and there is nothing to put up. I had this empty spot between my mud room organizer (where our  Advent Calendar was hanging). Everyday, it would just glare at me begging for something lovely to fill its space.  And then I saw a fab idea for a really cute "LOVE" picture on Pinterest.

And then I remembered I had three children and I had to make one for each of my little loves.

The process was easy: I picked up a three pack of canvasses at the local hobby store and raided my acrylic paint bin. One at a time, I painted a hand, then a foot and stamped the canvas. (Be prepared for tickling, laughing, squirming and paint splatter. I recommend you line the room in plastic, like Dexter would.)  Then I used a foam brush to paint the L and the E.

And voila: perfectly easy artwork made by the cute hands and toes of my three little Valentines.

(I hung these up using the Command strips. I love those things! They go on easy, the canvas requires no framing and they come down easy too.)

Happy Almost-Heart Day!


  1. These are great!! I am definitely keeping these ideas on Pinterest for when my kids get older. Thanks!

  2. So cute. This will be a great craft to use this week!

  3. I literally just bought 4 canvases at Michaels! (They are BOGO this week!)! I only needed 1... so I know what I'm doing with the other 3!!! Thank you :)

  4. Love this and Chloe is so cute!!!!

  5. Such a cute idea! I always get feet prints on paper in preschool but they always get damaged or don't make it home without something getting on them!

  6. I've kept all the hands and feet art that my kids ever made. They meant so much to me!


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