Only One Thing Week 5: Romans 8:28

I’ve got Romans 8:28 on my mind this week:

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

Tim Tebow once had this on his Game Day eye black. And it is a favorite verse of the Seattle Seahawks team chaplain.  

And I know, know, so many of you may find the dramatic praying of NFL players to be slightly nauseating (inauthentic? ridiculous? showboating?).  I used to think this as well. But then Tim TeBow came along and suddenly Bible verses were trending on Google. Suddenly, people who maybe grew up loosely Christian, but never really thought much about it all, were reading Bible verses. Suddenly, everyone wanted to know what Tebow would write in his eye black. 

If there was ever a man being used for God’s purpose, it was Tebow. 

It doesn’t matter what your profession or talent is--when God calls you for his purpose, you listen.  You listen because you love God and the outcome is always better when you listen to your Father. 

We owe it to God to be the best we can be. When we are maximizing our gifts, we are sitting at his feet and working according to his purpose, not our own. All good comes from God. The good is not in winning the game--but instead in how you play it. 

And you play it for his purpose. 

God gives all these gifts--gifts of speed and wits and words. He gifts some of us with extraordinary physical abilities and others of us with extraordinary emotional strength. Each of us are unique, divinely called for God’s purpose.  

This week, I am tattooing Romans 8:28 in my eye black. I want to try to use my gifts to their potential. When I write, I won’t write to fill the word count, but instead write to make words sing. When I plan yoga classes, I won’t rush through my plans, but I will take the time to make my lesson plans fluid and flexible. When I mother my children, I won’t mother simply to get through the day, but I will mother to build a legacy.

It is a tall order and I don’t think any laundry will get done.

Good thing laundry is not my God-given talent. 

Dear God, Please help me to hear your voice while in the midst of all my doing. Please help me use my gifts to your purpose and to see your good. Forgive me, Lord, for believing my talents belong to me--for everything belongs to you. 


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  1. Such a good one, Trish! Good words to take to heart and remember through the week.

  2. This has always been one of my very favorite Bible verses! Thank you for sharing today.

  3. Love it. I don't read the Bible often. I see verses here and there that catch my eye and stick with them. Thanks for making this one stick! xoxo

  4. I think this is a good sentiment for us all to keep in mind as we go about our days this week!

  5. Thanks Trish...I needed this one today, especially:) xoxo

  6. "When I mother my children, I won’t mother simply to get through the day, but I will mother to build a legacy."
    Great reminder! Thank you!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! There is a whole bible study from Linda Anderson about motherhood and legacy building. (I loved it. And probably only paid attention to half of it). I love this idea of remembering what it is we are supposed to be doing, as mothers--we are securing the future. Which is so hard to remember when the children are WILD.

  7. Thanks for this Trish. You mentioned that I inspired you by getting my blog redesigned but this post inspires me to write for it when it's done! It's a nice reminder that I think God really wants me writing and helping others as a result of it.

    I am directly applying this post to motherhood too. I am so glad that God lent my sweet Dante to me and I have to remember that in my day-to-day routine.

    Couponing 4 a Difference (soon to be Mom 4 a Difference!)

    1. I love that you said "lent." It is so hard to remember that we do not own our children--they belong to God. ( : I cannot wait to see your new blog design!!!


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