NOTHING! (Week 4 Review)

At least ten times a day, there is a crash upstairs, followed up by a scream, followed by whispered voices. When I ask my children what happened they will shout:


They assume because I cannot see whatever it is that crashed that in my mind it simply did not happen.

I yelled NOTHING about 575 times this week to God (hoping he just wouldn't notice all the sinning going on.)

I spent the whole week attempting to be aware of my transgressions, which in turn led to me hiding my transgressions because the list was simply too big and I could not even cope with just how sinful I was. I spent loads of mental energy stuffing my sins into a closet and by Friday night, I was feeling introverted and cranky.

Last night, I spent two hours writing a long, list of sins and crimes with the intention to post to the blog. Then I became disgusted by myself and turned the list of sins into a list of explanations (you know, I did this for a very good reason). Then I read my excuses and became annoyed at myself and deleted it.

Quite suddenly, I felt better and maybe, a little, forgiven.

That is the point of Proverbs 28:13

No one who conceals transgressions will prosper, but one who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.

This week I learned that no matter how big the crash or how outrageous the sin, God will forgive me. I just need to come clean, confess and toss that bad stuff in the trash.

Because nothing owns me, only God does.

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