Be careful what you pray for (Week 7 Update)

I testified about nothing last week. Sure, I was Jesusy, but I was not on any street corners banging on my Bible nor did I declare Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the mall Food Court and I don't think I told any strangers about the power of God's love.  It was quiet. My work on John 15:18-19; 27 will have to be an ongoing thing.

However, I do have a testimony now to share.

If you don't know already, my daughter Lily was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 14 months old. She is nearly 8 and cancer-free.  Everyone always asks us, how did you find out she had a brain tumor? (I mean, everyone. As if childhood cancer is something you can just diagnose from your armchair with your iPhone in hand.) Anyhow. .

The first symptom was morning vomiting. (It was a product of the tumor blocking the flow of CSF in her brain. )

I now have another 14 month old, my third, my son.

Here's what happened:

  • On Thursday, the boy vomited. In the morning.
  • By 8:40 on Thursday, I was praying on my knees for a stomach bug.
  • By Friday evening, my prayers were answered. I vomited. By Sunday night, two more family members were down for the count. Lily, however, never vomited. (Because, well, I asked God to make her healthy and whole on this earth. Or because she carries antibacterial in her Shake it Up bag and spent the weekend hiding in the basement. )
God answers our prayers. Not always perfectly. Not always in the way we expect, but he answers. A priest once told my mother-in-law that we need to be really, super specific in our prayers. Since I believe in everlasting life, I always pray that Lily is healed on this earth and lives with all of us in our house. I always pray for each of my children to grow up and have have children and live out their earthly dreams until they are at least 100 years old. It sounds childish, but when your child was nearly ripped away from you, you do whatever it takes.  I don't know why some prayers seem to be answered exactly and others are not. I don't know why I am blessed with three healthy children, while I watch so many families in the cancer community say goodbye to theirs.  I don't know. But I do know, I won't stop praying. I won't stop asking. I won't stop because I know God is listening. 

So this week, I begged for someone in the family to vomit. I begged for GI bugs and Pedialyte and sick days and emergency trips to the bathroom. 

And I got it.

Thanks be to God.

PS Sincere apologies to anyone who was infected in the scatter of my prayer for a stomach bug.

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