Only One Thing: Psalm 46:10 (Week 1)

Last week, I was pulled over for speeding. I did not get a ticket,  just a kind, yet firm warning to slow down*.

Slow down?! I was grateful for a simple warning, did the police officer actually believe I could slow down? Sure, I can abide the speed limit; but I cannot “slow down.”

Honestly, doesn’t everyone know that there are only 24 hours in the day and we have to control every second? Slowing down means we would be late or waste time. Slowing down means we would lose control of our schedules and our tasks and our to-do lists.

Slowing down has nothing to do with the speed limit on the road--it has everything to do with being still.

Which brings me to the scripture for week one of #OnlyOneThing:

Psalm 46:10
Be Still and I know that I am God.

This is one of my favorite Bible verses--partially because I have it memorized and largely because I discovered it during my yoga teacher training.

In yoga, we are still a lot--still while sitting; still while in Warrior; still while balancing in tree. In yoga, we are still while getting a lot done; and at the same time surrendering control over all the feelings in our body. If your nose itches, you must ignore it. If your legs grow tired, suck it up.  You surrender your body into the pose and in turn, you become very still.

Stillness is surrender. It is giving up and slowing down. It is the ultimate acknowledgement that you have absolutely NO CONTROL.

Because you are not God.

He is.

When you are still, your world might crumble--but His kingdom will not. That’s the thing, this is simply not ours. We live here. But we don’t control here.

This week, when I am racing and managing and pretending to control everything to the point of possible law enforcement officer involvement, I am going to remember two simple things:

Be still (surrender and stop the rushing)


Remember who God is. (because it certainly isn’t me).

Do you think you can slow down? What are your thoughts on stillness? Do you surrender to the moment? Or do you control the moment? And who is in control in your house?

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*Author's note: I cried. By accident. It was so irrational and clique. And I think brought on by all the episodes of Orange is the New Black that I've been watching. I really don't ever want to go to jail. Like ever. 


  1. I learned to be still when Cassie was diagnosed with Leukemia. You learn in that moment that you can't control things no matter how hard or "good" you have tried to be. Every once in a while now that life is back to normal I need to take the time and step back and let go. The saying that keeps in my head is Let Go and Let God. When things get too hectic and rushed I try to step back and remember this. It also helps now that my rushing around days are over with older kids. Can't wait for more installments

    1. Yes! I remember how the stillness came with Lily; and now back in the "normal" I revert to bad habits.

  2. Best advice I've heard all year. ;-) But seriously, it is true. We can't control everything, so why do we try? Letting go really helps see things in His light so much better. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. It is like everything is so noisy--but when we are still, it is a whole other ballgame.

  3. So true! I feel like I am always rushing from place to place and have to remember to enjoy the moment and use patience.

  4. That's a wonderful plan for 2014. Be Still. It's so simple, yet so profound.

  5. I woke up and read this earlier, as I saw your post come into my feed...and it was the SAME message I got last night! Wow... Thanks for sharing, this is something I *clearly* need to be working on.

  6. Oh thank you for sharing....I need to work on slowing down!

  7. A wonderful reminder Trish. Thank you for sharing this and letting us in on your journey!


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