I think my house is haunted. Or maybe I simply have too many children.

I think three children is absolutely my limit and perhaps, I was a bit optimistic in how this would all work out.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I never:

  • Ask for help
  • Admit defeat
  • Say no
  • Believe something is impossible
And that I am often known to:
  • Bend time
  • Find extra hours in a day
  • Knit a blanket while breastfeeding and participating in a conference call
At present, I cannot even find the phone. Or a blanket. Or a clock. 

I am now sending up my white flag and telling everyone who is considering a third-baby-simply-because-Nicholas-is-so-cute-and-now-I-have-baby-fever-and-maybe-it-would-be-amazing-to-get-my-boy/girl-or-whatever,  to borrow my children for a week. I'll even throw in a few boxes of wine and a bag of lollipops.

The combination of a 7-year-old with 7-year-old things and a 7 month old with one-tooth and a bad latch (my nipple might actually fall off), plus the middle child who has a whole set of middle-child-jan-brady-type issues going on, has led me to go out in public wearing my Victoria Secret Pink shorts from 2001.

These shorts should not even be in my possession.

I simply cannot even think about what to wear or find a quiet moment to brush my hair and frankly, I am not able to consistently find an operational hair brush for humans or even one suitable for a My Little Pony.

I think my house is haunted. And the poltergeist has a hair brush fetish.

Or maybe, I simply I have too many children.

Whatever the problem, I need help. Or more time. Or therapy. Or more lollipops. Or ghost busters. Three children is hard--it is harder than one, it is harder than two and it is quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever attempted to do in my life.

Those people who climb tall mountains, those scientists who found the God particle and the those hostage negotiators, have an easy ride. I bet none of them have been pooped on this week.

And I bet they've brushed their hair.

The only thing that makes all of this worthwhile is this:

 And this:

And this:

And this:

And especially, this:

Because so what,  if I look like a homeless woman, when I have a home made by these three little loves and maybe, just, maybe one little ghost who loves hair brushes?


  1. If it is not a ghost, perhaps it is a goat eating the hairbrushes. Your kids are fantastic and you are a wonderful mom!

  2. Oh how I love you. I am betting you look just fine in those shorts from 2001. On the hairbrush subject, I have a funny story for you...my friend Jenny just had her fourth boy 3 months ago...while pregnant with him, and in her office at the university where she teaches, she found herself with a yogurt lunch and no spoon. The only thing she had that she felt might work was a hairbrush. So, she rinsed it off, and ate her yogurt with the handle of the hairbrush. Classic. Just think, at least you have spoons.....and you COULD have four boys!!! Love you, friend. You have the happiest children and a hubby who loves them and you so darn much. You so deserve that.

  3. I'm only at 2 (and getting prepped for a #3 in the future) and I already feel like I could have written this. They totally make it worthwhile.

  4. On the bright side.....you STILL fit in your 2001 shorts.

  5. What Kelly T said!!! (I wish I fit into my 2001 shorts!)

    Oh and for some unsolicited nipple advice - since I know nothing about having multiple children - HYDROGEL pads. Expensive but OMG so worth it!

  6. This was a cute post that all mothers can identify with.

  7. This is so cute, yes you wonderful ladies with more than one children I can only imagine 8-)


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