Prayer for Boston.

In the wake of the Boston tragedy,  I feel I don't have the words for my prayers. Nothing feels like enough.

I can pray that no children die--but it is too late. One is already dead.

I can pray that no else dies--but it is too late two more are dead.

I can pray for the dead--but it is the living I fear for it.

I can pray that this never happens again--but that seems impossible. I've prayed for that before.

I can pray that this never happens to my family--but that seems deeply selfish.

I can pray for swift justice and the apprehension of the person responsible for this horrific act--but that will only stop them from doing it again; they've already done it.

The seal has been broken on evil; and oh Lord, how do we close it? How do we make it stop? How do we make it safe? How do I protect my children? How do I protect those I love?

There must be the right words; a prayer code to crack; something specific I should say.

Lord, tell me what to pray for--tell me how to do it--give me the words to ask; so that I shall find the answers in your light.

And Lord, don't let the darkness win, ever.