Jesusy: The Book Update

I've been writing bits and pieces of a book for years. It is my story--my motherhood--my life. And it all feels more than a bit egotistical.

What do I know, anyway?

It turns out I know nothing and somethings and everything and just things. But I was avoiding one thing in my writing: Jesus.

Because I feared that Jesus might make my book unpopular with the non-Jesus set. And I enjoy being popular. (don't tell.)

But, clearly this popularity thing is not important and is most definitely a sin of my GIGANTIC ego and really, who reads my blog anyway? It is not like I am wildly popular.

And avoiding Christ and all things Jesusy was making my writing a lie--a fabrication; because as a friend pointed out:

There is no way I can tell my story without God and Christ and a dose of the Holy Spirit. 

Now I find myself writing less about me and more about Him. And in Him, my story is living on and His story is alive and well too.  It is precarious because I am constantly worried I might say something blasphemous.  I ask a lot of questions and intend on driving religious personnel crazy. I teeter on the edge of being one of those crazies on a street corner shouting about God and Jesus and Heaven and Hell. I fear I might alienate those in my life who are not Christians; but at the same time pray they will understand how my faith and myself are inseparable. And how the person they loved--was always this Jesusy, Bible banging, God loving, Jesus Saves kinda girl.


  1. I was always drawn to your blog because of your relationship with God! I always thought that this was a personal journey for anyone and that what you selected was what you wanted share with your readers.

  2. I understand your struggle. But I also feel that if people read your book because they like you, they won't mind if you reveal your Jesusy side. We all go through seasons of life that relate to others, and I think those who enjoy your writing will love what you have to say even if they don't share your faith. Maybe some will stay away, but you could bring others to become more Jesusy too.


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