Chloe's eyes have always sparkled.

From the moment she first opened her big, soulful eyes lined in thick black lashes, there was been a certain glimmer.  Her eyes sparkle when she dances and when she is clowning around and when she says, "Momma, I need a huggie."

Chloe is four. And she is magnificent.

It is a miraculous time, this fourth birthday, the start of her fifth year. She is older, wiser, smarter and still a little kid. If you ask Chloe what she wants to be when she grows up, the answer is simple:

"A big kid. I am never giving up my toys."

Chloe spends her days dressing up Bitty Baby and planning grand adventures. She adores her "stuffies," and her "lippies," and "art-crafts." She dances like Shirley Temple on the "stage" in front our family room TV.  Chloe has a team of imaginary friends, led by Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo is sometimes a baby and most often Chloe's age (although, just slightly younger). Chloe says that Jo-Jo was given to her by Lily's imaginary, Be-Bo. And so it goes, the imaginary world of a bright, young girl who wants to be a kid forever and never, ever give up on the fun.

But Chloe has already grown up so much--a miracle like her sister and her brother; a baby who fought her way into a world too early and without all the normal full term support of the womb. Her first cries were raspy and defiant. Chloe is a girl who always knows exactly what she wants--and she is never afraid to go for it. Chloe wills her will to happen and despite my best efforts, it always does.

She has a quiet, watchful self confidence. Chloe can walk fearlessly into any room; no matter if she has a friend or none; and shine, on her terms. Chloe is purely Chloe, no excuses.

She is pure love. The big sister who needs to hug her baby brother every hour and make sure he knows how much she adores him. The little sister who waits each day to pick up her big sister from school, always with a drawing or a handmade gift in hand. Chloe taught us all how to love a little more--she taught us that love has no limits.

Chloe's eyes will always sparkle. And each day, when she opens them and smiles at me, I know exactly how blessed I am.

Happy Birthday, sweet Chloe Isabel, my beautiful lovie.