Nesting at Yoke: A REAL to-do list

Good clean American fun. 
Change and chaos is in the air my friends. Last week, Hurricane Sandy rocked some of my favorite towns--decimated homes, lives and memories of beautiful family times at the shore. Halloween was rescheduled in NJ--not a big deal, but surreal none-the-less. The NYC Marathon was cancelled. I had food-poisoning and survived off saltines for two days. Another storm is barreling towards the East Coast and I am still pregnant.

Oh and I actually left the home without my children to be social (not teach or attend a meeting) on Saturday and had a blast.


This week at Yoke, things are gonna get real. Who knows what tomorrow will bring--chaos, no doubt and in the case of the literal tomorrow: a President for four more years and a few congressman, town's council people and other elected officials.

This week at Yoke:

1. I will remind you daily that I am still pregnant and it seems impossible.

2. I will remind you to vote, to vote, to vote. And if you don't vote: well, I don't want to hear your opinions on politics or social issues, because you had your chance. Go eat some Twizzlers.

3. I will actually begin real nesting at home. Yes, perhaps I don't need to redecorate my office or finally buy a grown-up Duvet and down comforter in order to have a baby: but it feels imperative.

4. I will actually post daily about real stuff on Yoke and finally get around to some giveaways I've been hiding from y'all.

5. And finally, I will relaunch Lily + Chloe Boutique Hand Knits and knit hats for families displaced by Hurricane Sandy and for you, if you are buying. Details on this excitement later today!

Local Yoke-sters: Save the Date and come barefoot to Hurricane Yoga on Nov. 15 at 7 pm at First Presbyterian Church in Haddonfield. All proceeds benefit hurricane recovery. $10 donation. And bring some diapers, hats, blankets, formula or toiletries to be donated to a shelter in Tuckerton, where my girl Cindy over at Whatever Works in organizing and helping her neighbors recover from disaster.

What I am reading: whatever my kids hand me to read. I'll swing back into the world of grown-up books after this election.


  1. I had a blast too, I love that you are STILL pregnant and bring on yoga for the fatty aka ME!


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