Nesting at Yoke: Four Weeks to Go!

Happy Monday! It is now officially Thanks-Christmas-Holiday season. Since having children, this time of year seems to blend into one festive celebration. While I resisted at first, I now love two full months of celebrating our blessings, enjoying each other, picking out the perfect presents for our favorite people, finding ways to give back to our local and global community and of course, eating!

Last Thanksgiving, my girls and I made homemade cranberry sauce (and ate half the batch before the turkey was even out of the brine.). This year, we might venture into the world of sour cherry pies (I have loads frozen from cherry picking last summer). 

This year, we have so much to be thankful for: especially this new little boy on his way in 4 weeks. I've never made it this far along in pregnancy; I've never been preeclampsia-free past 29 weeks and I've never brought my baby home. I know so many loved ones would like to joke that boys never want to come out: but to me this makes light of the seriousness of preeclampsia. 

This pregnancy, I am getting my miracle. However, so many women won't get their miracle. Preeclampsia strikes without warning. There is no known cause. The only cure is delivering a baby--whether that baby is ready to come out or not. My doctors have no idea why I am preeclampsia free. I have no idea either. 

My gratitude at this healthy pregnancy, at Lily's continued cancer-free status, at gorgeous Chloe's continued growth into an amazing little girl and at being able to write everyday with my children at my side is never ending. 

Happy Thanks-Christimas-Holiday!


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