The 30 week miracle.

I am 28 weeks or now, as the high risk doctor has decided 30 weeks.

It is shocking.

The boy, apparently, has long arms and legs. 
Over the summer, he made this decision: that I was further along than I thought (it still seems impossible, given my record keeping. My dates are not off, but my body is, apparently). He opted not to make a big deal about it: I've never made it past 31 weeks. I've never made it past 25 weeks without a symptom of preeclampsia.

 I am 30 weeks. Due December 18.  The boy weighs 3 lbs 15 oz. I have never, ever carried a baby so large. He is a pound bigger than each of his sisters were at birth.

I think now I might officially believe in Miracles--like miracles from God, from heaven and from angels. I never fully believed: despite everything both our children endured, despite a brain tumor for Lily, despite all of it: I was able to see the answers to our prayers in the hands of doctors and therapists and nurses.

But this time, no one has done a thing. There is no medical intervention for preeclampsia (just delivery).  I've continued to live my insane lifestyle. I've taught yoga, just like before. And I've run all over the town like a maniac.

I don't have one sign of preeclampsia, besides a slightly elevated blood pressure--but not a high blood pressure. There is no swelling. The labs are still fine. There are no pains in my upper right quadrant. No headaches. No visual disturbances. No protein in my urine.

It is completely without reason. It is a miracle.  It is the answer to my constant and fervent prayer: please let this baby make to term. Please, please don't let me get sick, my girls need their mother. Please, please let this boy come home with me from the hospital.

And tomorrow, everything could change. My body could turn on me. But for today, I made it to 30 weeks: Miraculously and by the grace of God. It is more than I deserve; but that is the nature of miracles--they don't discriminate.

It is a miracle. There is simply no other explanation.



  2. Amazing, Trish, especially in light of your very last post! Life is so weird and its mysteries are just, unsolvable. Easier to just believe in miracles than try to figure it all out :) Peace!


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