Nesting at Yoke: Nestacular

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I will be 32 weeks pregnant this week: more pregnant than I ever been. And while I celebrate this longer pregnancy, I am sick of being pregnant.

Yes, I am a total brat.  Anyway, I need to start literally nesting at home or the boy will be dressed in receiving blankets and wearing size 3T princess pull-ups. 

So this week on Yoke:

1. My birth plan for The Boy. I've never written one before. I think I should give it a whirl.

2. Another fabulous children's book review and giveaway! Yippee!

3. My secret knitting life: an expose. 

4. Diapers: the real poop on disposables and cloth and whatever hybrids exist.

5. And of course, a political/social/motherhood rant of some sort. 

Here's to a great last full week of October. It is also Red Ribbon Week at Lily's school. Daily, she will bring home coloring pages that include pictures of dime bags, crack pipes and syringes in the "No" column and kittens, puppies and goldfish in the "Yes" column. (Clearly the designer has never had a pet.). 

Much love. 


PS This week I am reading Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the 60's and Beyond by Jane Maas. Loving it. Maas is salty, direct and very honest. I find myself smirking every other sentence. I love to smirk. 

PPS This week I am writing: another chapter for the Book (remember, the book I am writing). I am dedicated. I am tackling the feeling of being trapped between two worlds: cancer and normalcy. Anyway, save the change from your couch cushion. I plan to deliver a manuscript as my fourth child. 


  1. Oh. I totally remember being tired of being pregnant with my twins as I rounded week 34 I was just done, done, done.
    I get it.
    Well done though making it this far!
    Keep baking that sweet baby <3

  2. Hey Trish - we cloth diapered #2 and still are, he just had his 2nd birthday. If you want to talk CDing, I'd love to chat...


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