Nesting at Yoke: Electricity Bucket List

Folding is a no-electricity activity.
Happy Hurri-king (as Chloe has deemed it) Monday. I have no idea what this week will bring power-wise. In case the power goes out, I intend on napping, knitting, playing board games with my loves, reading and writing bizarre blog entries on paper, like in the olden days, by candlelight.

This week, I bring you my Electricity Bucket List. And I also bring you bucket loads of prayers and safe wishes. Sandy is no joke.

Things to do while there is Electricity:

1. Bake things like beer bread, pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. (DONE. my husband thinks I am insane.)

2. Laundry. (washed. dried. moving on to blankets and curtains! It is not folded see picture.)

3. Stare at the TV, mindlessly and watch the storm coverage. (I really do enjoy muting the television while they show the low-totem pole newscasters on the boardwalk, close to drowning/blowing away and narrating it myself with what they are really thinking: "Seriously, this is my life? Get me out of here.")

4. Sewing. Must sew curtains.

5. Vacuuming, well, more accurately, getting my husband to vacuum. And then, steam mop.

6. Charging things that I won't use: random video cameras, various laptops, iProducts, cameras that may or may not work, cordless phones that absolutely won't work and Mike's electric razor.

7. Making popcorn.

8. Showering, hourly.

9. Flushing the toilet.

10. Running my Dad's Amish Fireplace and staring at the beautiful electric fire, dreaming of a sunny, windless day.

PS. Again, stay safe. Stay home. And stay sane.

PPS What I'm reading: "Happy Baby: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months." Loving it. I am prepping myself to launch into being the Happy Mama for South Jersey; but also loving all the insights, resources and great information for my little guy on the way!