Nesting at Yoke: Columbus Day Special!

I am baffled there are no photos of me eating a hoagie. a milkshake will have to do
Happy Monday and Columbus Day.

If you haven't figured it out already, I am constantly behind from the week before and since I am a shiny object myself--I am constantly distracted.

All that being said; this week at Yoke you may or may not look forward to:

1. A few children's book reviews and giveaways that are long overdue! (See last week's Nesting.)
2. My review of the Nest.
3. On Friday, a review of "Mastering the Mommy Track," a fabulous book all of us mommas should read.
4. Jesus-y stuff: because I week without Jesus is like a Fall morning without Pumpkin coffee.
5. Something spooky.

On an unrelated side note, I had a fantastic weekend. Enjoyed a fabulous Temple football win on Saturday and a delightful Sunday at church/hibernating at home.  I  read Gone Girl (all day on a rainy Sunday) and it is amazing! Loved the book. Loved the writing and I adored every character; even the rotten ones.

Now, go eat a Hoagie and celebrate whatever it is we celebrate today.



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