Let the nesting begin (This week on Yoke!)

It seems I am having a baby.

(I am continually shocked that this is happening--I always thought we'd adopt our third child, when we were like 50.)

I am now 27 weeks. If this was my first pregnancy, I'd have two weeks to go; my second; 4 weeks to go. Given this historical data, it is hard not to feel a little hunted by baby number 3's arrival.

In an effort to get my act together before The Boy arrives and in a long term effort to a better, more organized person (like those people who shop exclusively at The Container Store), I am introducing a new Monday feature on Yoke (you are reading it right now!):

Nesting at Yoke

Every Monday (or Tuesday, or every other, we will see how this goes), I will bring you some mindless ramblings, cute pictures of my children, occasional cats doing silly things, random obscenities and of course, a look at what I may write about in the week ahead.

Without further adieu, this week on Yoke:

1. Did you know that October is Bullying Awareness Month? A writer pal of mine, over at The Grey Blog, wrote an amazing book on bullying called The Big Stink. The book is fantastic--Maggie Mitchell, the author, even donated a copy for Lily's annual Trail-a-Thon fundraiser at Shadow Equestrian. This week, I'll share with you how I adapted the book for a fun Bug Yoga series for children; perfect for anytime and perfect for teaching compassion!

2. I also have another fabulous children's book to review called EmigrANTS:When in Rome by Hanna Mason. I will be adapting for a fun story time Yoga class and also for my Daisy Troop, as they work on their latest patch.

3. And even though September is officially over, I still have plenty of childhood cancer stories to share. I took a break; it became simply too much emotionally. This week, I'll share more stories and more individuals making a difference in the fight against Childhood Cancer.

4. I'll get Jesus-y, talking about my own faith and why I think everyone needs to get off the fence. Yeah, it might be offensive.

5. Speaking of offensive, I do have a lovely post that lists all the reasons I am offensive. I am saving it, for when everyone loves me and won't be offended.

6. And not to beat an offensive horse, stay tuned this week or next for some political talk. I know most people don't do politics at the dinner table or publicly, but I do. Scary.

7. Speaking of nesting, it is only fitting that I give you the inside scoop on Nest, a fabulous kids play space and enrichment center in Center City. Chloe loves it.

8.And it is Halloween, so I'll get a little spooky and pumpkin-y. I am not sure what this means. I might just drink a pumpkin latte and complain, like an old timer at Starbuckles.

Happy October. And Happy Birthday to my husband--who turns the ripe old age of 34 on Wednesday.



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