Give Back: Thanking those who are searching for cures.

Lily with her idol, Dr. Minturn.
Lily's oncologist has a picture she drew two years ago hanging in her office at CHOP.

At every clinic appointment, Dr. Minturn mentions the picture. Lily drew it because she adores her oncologist. Our entire family is grateful for the life Dr. Minturn gave to Lily.

And I know that every time Dr. Minturn sees the picture, she thinks of Lily and remember why her work is so important.

So many cancer researchers never come in contact with the children and adults they are helping. Life saving research is happening right now. I cannot think of a better group of people to thank; then those who are solving the mystery of cancer.

The Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network Foundation is a group dedicated to finding a cure for ependymoma, the type of brain cancer Lily was diagnosed with in 2007. At the end of October, the group will hold its annual meeting and is asking for letters of support. Please consider taking a few minutes yourself or with your child to send a note to the researchers who are searching for a cure.  A little gratitude can be the best motivator.

The CERN Foundation needs YOUR help! Please send CERN a note telling us about yourself and expressing words of encouragement to our research team. These letters will be passed out during the annual meeting at the end of October. Some of our clinicians and scientists do not come in contact with patients and family members on a regular basis so this is your chance to help motivate them to find a cure! You can include written letters, photos, and drawings. Ask all of your family members or friends tonight at dinner if they would consider doing the same.  All you need to contribute is a stamp or two.

CERN Foundation
Attn: Kim Wallgren
6450 Poe Avenue, Suite 201
Dayton, OH 45414

And thank you!