28 weeks and counting

I enjoy making lists (on scrap paper, on the back of the deed to my home, in this blog, on the back of an parking ticket and in a notebook, which I will misplace). And it is late and I've lost all skill at writing a proper narrative.  So, a list update on the status of "the pregnancy with The Boy," it is.

1. I am 28 weeks. Officially in the third trimester and one week and five days away from a big milestone: the point that Lily was born.

2. I am 3 weeks away from the point Chloe was born.

3. I am not swelling, as I did with Lily (it seemed normal at the time) nor am I having super high blood pressure spikes like I did with Chloe.
The belly. A crab. Both are bigger now. 

4. I will, however, get preeclampsia.

5. Do not tell me to have faith. It is the easiest way to infuriate me. I have plenty of faith. It is why my family is whole and why I am an unmedicated, yet damaged person: my faith has carried me through many, many, many storms. Thanks.

6. However, please pray for us. Continue to be positive with us. Continue to remind me that I have faith. (I am so difficult and exacting with language. It is hard to be friends with a writer, sorry). And please accept the reality of the pregnancy and its inevitable end in preeclampsia. We are rooting for a full term baby: preeclampsia can f!@# itself.

7. I am having a c-section. Please stop emailing me your uplifting VBAC stories. It is insanity.

8. I am, strangely, looking forward to breastfeeding for a third time and bonding with this little love. Look forward to many late night, illiterate, insane and boob-themed Yoke's.

9. I am hoarding formula as a backup. Because if we bring home a full term infant, who has not been put on a sleep schedule by NICU nurses, I have no idea what we will do. Plus, I feel it is like a party favor at the OB; since I am there ALL THE TIME.

10.  I am not buying a mini-van. Like VBAC, it is insanity (I feel I've said this before).