Unconditional Motherhood

I wonder, quite frankly, what I am going to do with all these children.

There will be three. What if they eat me alive?

They probably will eat me alive, and the fact is: I will still love them and I will adore them for their aggressive, overbearing nature.

Motherhood has taught me this amazing skill of loving those who drive me the craziest; of adoring those have constant irrational needs; of celebrating lunacy and of abiding insane rages and tantrums, ending each episode with a hug and a kiss.

This unconditional love is perhaps the most powerful force in the universe. My children have made me love my husband more: I see him in their eyes, in their instance at singing at the dinner table, in Lily's obsession with the Presidents (she adores Barack Obama; Mike loves Abe Lincoln), in Chloe's goofball imagination and now, in my son's kicks and squirms and dances as he hangs out in the womb.

And while my life, is completely chaotic and filled with managing little children who don't believe themselves to be little and time slips through my finger tips like Polly Pocket shoes, I love it.

Unconditionally. Even though I have no idea what I will do with three people. Even though I will be outnumbered and eaten alive. It is unconditionally the best part of life: motherhood.

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