Go Gold: The Diagnosis

Throughout September, I will share stories from the childhood cancer community. I've shared many, many entries about Lily, my daughter who battled an ependymoma brain tumor. This is where it began--this is the beginning of our oncology journey.

May 16, 2007:

14 month old Lily. She giggled again. 
"We found a mass. Neurosurgery is on the way down. We've scheduled surgery for 1 p.m. tomorrow. Oncology will also be down."

"I am so sorry."

The nurse was hanging IVs, she called it the "brain tumor" cocktail.

Lily was just 14 months old. She was too young for cocktails. She was too young for brain tumors.

She was too young to die. Too young.

Lily had been laying on the hospital bed in the ER. I had been blowing raspberries on her belly, delighting in her giggles. Would she giggle after 1 p.m. tomorrow?  I remember backing away from Lily, backing way from the doctor. Shaking my head, "No."

I refused to look at the results of the CT scan. I couldn't. I refused to look the monster in the eye. Instead, Mike and I prayed. And then I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday.

He was turning 86. And his only grandchild was about to fight to make it to her second birthday.

Little did I know, that 45 other mothers were calling their fathers to give them the same news: brain tumor, neuroblastoma, leukemia, masses, cancer.

Cancer. In a 14 month old. How can this be true?

This September, Go Gold. Go Gold for my daughter, for all the sons and daughters, who are diagnosed everyday with childhood cancer.  Awareness brings funding--funding brings research. And someday, a cure.

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