Giveaway! Advance preview tickets to the Best Dressed for Less Consignment Sale

As you know, we've got another baby on the way and it is a boy.

We have two girls and the entire house is an explosion of glitter and tulle. Poor boy needs a little blue and perhaps a super hero or two. And since I am not a millionaire (but a nillionaire), I am slightly freaking out about supplying baby number three with everything he needs and desires. And since I will soon be the old woman who lived in a shoe: I need a giant stroller to transport all my children around.

Motherhood is expensive. But, it does not have to be!

I am so excited about the Best Dressed for Less kids consignment sale that starts October 5, in Burlington Township, NJ. Best Dressed for Less is the largest kids consignment sale in South Jersey. According to owner and organizer Colleen Tobias, the sale will have 500 consignors and average about 2,500 shoppers over four days.  There will be more 45,000 quality gently used kids items each season. (And they will have maternity clothes! and designer handbags! and American Girl stuff!)

Best Dressed for Less consignment sale is held at the Masonic Home of NJ Fellowship in Burlington Township, NJ.

One lucky reader will receive two pre-sale shopping passes for the pre-sale day on October 4--so you get first dibs on the good stuff. Colleen shared some great tips and insights--check those out and then enter the giveaway below!

For a shopper like me: on the prowl for baby gear, what are the hot items? How much can I save from retail/new prices?

The best sellers at Best Dressed for Less (BDFL) are always baby equipment: pack n plays, swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, toddler beds and more.  These items are all super expensive and can cost big bucks when purchased new at Toys R Us or other big chain stores.  At BDFL all items are inspected at drop off and checked to be sure it is clean and in good working order (we also check for recalls).  Shoppers will save an average of 65%-90% OFF retail prices shopping at Best Dressed for Less.  Other Best Sellers at our Fall event include: Double strollers, Jogging Strollers, Halloween Costumes (we have more than 800 each Fall), anything Little Tikes or Step 2 (cozy coupes, slides, and more) and toys for infants, toddlers, boys and girls (lots of parents do early Holiday shopping)....and of course clothing and shoes for children size newborn through Juniors.

What is your best find?

My have found so many amazing bargains at Best Dressed for Less it is hard to name just one!  Last sale I found several American Girl pieces: an American Girl Snack Bar Playset (I paid $15 / Retail $100+), some American Girl outfits (I paid $4 each/Retail $36 each), a brand new Vera Bradley Purse (BDFL has a designer handbag section for moms) for (I paid $20 / Retail $60) and a Hanna Andersson Striped Playdress & Legging Set (I paid $15 / Retail $65.)

What are the steps to consignment? How does it work?

How To Consign With Best Dressed For Less In 4 Easy Steps
1. Register
Register now (at and pay a $10 non-refundable consignor fee and you will automatically be assigned a consignor number. You will also choose a password. You will use this information to enter our online inventory system and create your bar coded tags. This is how we'll track your sales and know how much to pay you.

2. Organize
Organize the items you want to sell and gather the materials you need for tagging hanging and packaging items for the sale. Log in with your consignor number and password to begin entering your items into the inventory system. Once you have entered all of your items you are ready to print your bar coded tags. Print your tags and attach them to your items, organizing by size and type. Now you are ready to drop off.

3. Drop Off
Drop off your organized items at the sale during your chosen drop off time. After you register as a consignor you should select a drop off appointment on line, so you get the appointment that works best for your schedule. Drop off occurs from Monday and from 10am-9pm on the Tuesday before sale weekend.

4. Pick Up
Pick up your unsold items at the end of the sale OR choose to have them donated to Twin Oaks Community Service. A receipt will be provided for your items marked "DONATE YES". Anything not picked up by the end of the sale is automatically donated.

Then wait for your check. It's that easy!!

Excited for bargains? Get in early and enter this Giveaway for two pre-sale passes! 

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  2. Deleted my first comment because I neglected to say what my own wish list items are, so trying again... :-)

    With four boys in my house, I'm always looking for shoes and pants at fall consignment sales. Love the American Girl deals you found! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. As for what I'd like to sell in my house, I have far too many strollers and baby slings around here!

    1. What is it about strollers? We have a million and I want another one! LOL!

  4. We are expecting our first little boy in December and have a few more things to get which I am hoping to find at this sale. #1 is definitely a snap and go stroller, followed closely by a play area gate, some more clothes, pack n play sheets, and some more books/toys. A little bit of everything!

  5. Baby boy Pam is gonna be the best dressed little guy in town...

  6. I love this sale!!! It is the best sale around... Great deals and great people :)

  7. As for what I want to sell... Toddler toys and clothes and costumes and all that good stuff!!

  8. Can't wait to check out the great deals :)

  9. Would love to get a double stroller so I can get out and enjoy the fall weather :)

  10. Don't think that there is anything in the house that I would sell... still using everything. But in a couple of months, I could probably get rid of a lot of the baby stuff... exersaucer, bouncy seat, etc.

  11. I always love to find a bargain!

  12. I'd love to find the perfect holiday outfit!


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