Day 11: Just Go.

Today I am not going gold. I am just going.

Today is September 11.

I don't have a particularly traumatic September 11 story. I have a story, tucked far away in idyllic Vermont. My story is nothing compared to the stories of dear friends--friends who were right there, friends who saw and smelled and breathed in the darkness with their souls. 

I do, however, have my own days.  Days when the sun seemed to slip from the sky and everything, everything that I knew to be true changed. Days when I saw people going about their lives and wondered: don't they know? don't they realize? don't they see the devil in our midst? Days like May 16 and September 17 when my very being changed forever.

These days are the consequence of living.

We all want to forget bad things. We want to wash away their flavor with a cocktail or race away from the memories. And we can do this; we can will ourselves to forget and live in delusion.

But we should not. The delusion is just more darkness.

We should never forget. 

We all know forgetting darkness, that when we forget to turn on a light in the room, the room remains dark. But when we remember the darkness, when we sit with it for just a minute, we also remember to turn on the light. 

Today and everyday, turn on the lights. 

Whether your own journey has inspired you to go gold or pink or blue or rainbow or red, white and blue. Whether your own journey has led you to stop childhood cancer or breast cancer or AIDS or autism or terrorism. Whether your soul was changed on September 11 or April 5, today remember to Just Go.

Just Go make the world a better place, turn on the lights. 

Just Go.


  1. Love this! "Just Go make the world a better place, turn on the lights." you are a total wordsmith!

  2. Love you! Love this!


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