Thank GOD we finally have an heir or It's A Boy!

As I sit here gazing at no less than 12 ultrasound pictures of his private parts, the truth is evident:

It is a boy.

(And no, I am not posting those ultrasound pictures. It is my son's junk. He can save that for his future spouse. And why, oh, why, did they take so many pictures? Half of them are zoomed in; the other half have text that proudly pronounces: "I'm a boy!")

I am still glowing from the news--not because we were trying for a boy--but because we are reveling in the knowledge that our baby is healthy. My advanced maternal age eggs still work and our baby, our son(!) is going to be born another Adkins Rock Star.

Plus, I was surprised. I did not have a sixth sense that we were having a girl. (I leave psychic advise to my friend with the supernatural bum knee and my dear half-gypsy bestie who can divine things based on smell and air direction.). I just assumed we were having a girl because we had two girls. And then we found out:

It's a boy.

It is exciting. It is a new world (plus I can shop at Baby Gap with reckless abandon.). It is a sweet boy who will have two big sisters watching over him and later, when he towers over his sisters; he can return the favor. I feel like we know a little more about this tiny miracle and I just can't wait to meet him.

Plus for those of you living in the days of yore, you will be relieved to know that we indeed have a male heir (so our manor does not have to go to a distant cousin) and Mike won't be beheading me because my womb only gives out girls and I won't have to keep reproducing.

With just three kids, I can totally cram three car seats in the back seat of my Equinox. No mini-vans required.

PS Thank you to everyone for their overwhelming love and well wishes. We love you. And we know, our son and our two daughters have a great family of amazing people cheering for them.


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