For Immediate Release: It's a. . . .

I don't see the resemblance. 
Mango or Tomato.

Did you think I was going to write something else? Like boy or girl, perhaps?

According to the experts at the Bump, the baby is the size of a tomato. Experts over at EveryDay Family agree that the baby is mango.

Really, it could be the size of an entirely different fruit. Maybe the size of a softball or other sporting equipment. No one seems to agree.

But, it is definitely a baby. A baby that kicks me in the bladder for sport when I am teaching triangle pose and cannot get to the bathroom.  A baby that has enlarged my uterus so it is pressing into my lungs. A baby that needs a new car seat, because the old one expired, apparently. (like yogurt, who knew?)

It is hard for me to believe I am 19 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has already been a whirlwind--from pee stick to perinatalogist time is flying by.  I have no idea what we are going to do with the baby. I imagine we will all spend hours staring at it and wondering aloud:

"Just where did you come from? And can I wedge your car seat in my Equinox to avoid the purchase of a mini-van?"

For now, you should save the date. August 16, the question will be answered: pink or blue? In the meantime, y'all should be planning my baby shower. Mama needs a new car seat and a mini-van (can you register for those?)

Still have more questions: Check out "Can I rub your belly? Or FAQs about Baby Three" 

PS You cannot rub my belly.


  1. A few weeks ago Babycenter told me that if I wanted to see how large my baby was I should go pick up a jicama. I think they were making a ridiculous assumption that even half the population is aware of what jicama looks like. I myself have only seen one diced into other foodstuff :)

    Well, I for one am very excited for August 16th.

  2. Jicama!!! Isn't that a long irregularly shaped root? LOL!!!


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