C is for Circumcision

Here's the deal: we are having a boy. He will, in fact, have a penis. And since we will live in the United States where circumcision is routine; we will have to make a choice to circumcise or not.

We've decided. And I am not telling you what we've decided. I am not trying to be mysterious nor I am out to intrigue. I am not telling you because my son's penis is none of your business; it is barely any of my business; it is his business. And while the American Academy of Pediatrics is weighing in on circumcision and telling the world that circumcision will prevent HIV (like some sort of automatic condom handed out with "It's a Boy" cigars in the nursery) and other people are screaming circumcision is mutilation that has dire, life changing consequences; I am going to be decidedly quiet on the topic.

Because my son's penis and your son's penis and everyone's penis is their own damn business.

If you are wondering about the pros, cons, penis care, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation and the history of circumcision, Google it. Everyone has an opinion about the penis: no wonder men are so obsessed.

Author's note: I was tempted to call this entry "Penis, Penis, Penis"; to keep in the theme of my earlier post Boobies, Boobies, Boobies. Look for "Uterus, Uterus, Uterus: an opinionated note about C-sections" later this week when the penis storm blows over. 

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  1. like some sort of automatic condom handed out with "It's a Boy" cigars in the nursery...Love it!! Not one person asked us anything about Derek's penis or if we circumcised him or not. I find it amazing the so many people are all up in your unborn son's private parts!

    1. hahahhahahhaha, I hope he reads this in 30 years from now and gets embarrassed

  2. I'm always quite amazed that anyone would have the nerve to tell anyone what is or is not best for their penis. Wait. What?

    Well, anyway... Be it penises, vaginas, uteruses (uteri?), religion, books, etc. there will always be people who think that they have the answer for YOU. Funny thing is, only YOU actually have the answers for you.

    So screw them.

  3. Having had girls I never had to make this decision (thank god!) I did find it amazing however the amount of controversy this subject stirs up. I knew a pediatrician once who had to have security because he was so well known for performing them and the anti's were threatening his LIFE. OK, I realize this is an important subject, but really... not THAT important, is it? The best was the guys last name was Wiswell--only real life is funnier than something you could make up.

  4. Isn't it funny how everyone always has an opinion? I've run into this with baby names & religious things. Not sure if anyone will care about the big C as we wait for our boy too! Good for you - because it is private and up to you!

    1. Oh yes, baby names. . .people are insane. ( : I am sure I was part of the insanity at one point.


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