Lemon Ride: Giveaway, Give Back and Leave Cancer in the Dust.

Lily got her first bike this weekend. I've never seen my daughter so happy and so full of independence. She found the perfect bike and pedaled around the store. 

It was like watching a miracle unfold. I won't ever forget watching her legs move the pedals. 

Up until Saturday, my beautiful six year old Lily could not ride a bike. She's been working on it in physical therapy and if I know my Lily, she's been working through the muscle and joint movements in her head--thinking through how the foot and ankle and knees and quads and hamstrings all work together to produce the perfect pedal.

Lily was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14 months old. Following surgery to remove the tumor, Lily had to reteach herself to sit up, roll over, crawl, stand and cruise. She had extensive physical therapy to learn how to walk and finally did, at 3 1/2 years old. She ran, last Fall, for the first time, chasing a soccer ball and laughing. That was her first taste of freedom on her own two feet. And now, she can ride a bike--such a normal thing, such a miracle. 

Someday, Lily will leave me in the dust; just like she’s left cancer in the dust. Everyday there are 36 children diagnosed with some form of childhood cancer. Everyday, these children loose little bits of their independence, of their freedom. Research dollars for childhood cancer do not exist at the same magnitude as dollars for adult cancer. But Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer is working to change that. To date, the charity was raised over $50 million dollars for childhood cancer research.
Alex’s will host the first annual Lemon Ride Bicycle Tour on Sunday, July 22,2012 at 9 am.  The event, which will take place in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, invites cyclists of all calibers to contribute to the battle against childhood cancer by biking a 12, 26 or 50 mile course. The family friendly event will also include children’s activities at the start/finish. 

This will be Lily's first ride: ever!  We spoke about the Lemon Ride last week on Talk Philly. You can watch the interview here. 
In honor of the first annual Lemon Ride, I am giving away a Alex's Lemonade Stand t-shirt to one lucky Yoke reader.  For more information on the Lemon Ride, to volunteer, register or become a sponsor, visit AlexsLemonade.org/LemonRide.

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  1. I remember by pink and gray huffy capri 10 speed with dice caps!!

  2. Sorry I will be missing this fantastic event! We will be in Michigan....have a great time!

  3. Posted on my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/MakingLemonadeBlog

  4. Lily can do anything she puts her mind too :)
    how exciting it will be, when she crosses the finish line:)

  5. I love watching my son learn to ride his tricycle.

  6. Bike rides on the Boardwalk in Wildwood as a kid and now with my own kids :0)

  7. Do Big Wheels count! did you see lily on her first real ride?


  8. My fave bike riding memory? Hmmm.. My pink huffy of course!! :) Lily is so awesome (and so is her mamma!)

  9. My parents tried to teach me how to ride my bike for a full year without success. Than the grandmother of a friend, who also spoke no english, showed me how and that was when I finally learned how to ride. My parents shake their head and laugh to this day.

  10. riding around the block with my friends...every day. :-)


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