Fun Friday: Five Cool as Ice Activities

Camping (and panting? LOL!) in the dining room. 
It is too hot to do anything outside. It is nearly too hot to even step outside and get in the pool. Our curtains are drawn, the air is on high and I am in hiding. While I could hide for days with a good book and a couple movies, my 6 and 3-year-old need a little bit more activity. 

Here are my five cool as ice activities to do with your kiddos during this latest heat wave--see y'all out there, when the temperature is less than 100F.

1.  Check out my favorite fun science experiments on Pinterest. Tap into your inner scientist and be cool as Blobs in Bottle or Mini Volcanoes. 

2. Turn your dining room (or any room!) into a camp site, build some forts, grab some popcorn and a few fabulous books. Turn off the lights and tell ghost stories. 

3. If you want to leave the house, check out this great listing of free, cheap summer movies from Local Fun for Kids. The listing covers theaters across the country, so you have options no matter where you live or where you visit.  

4. Catch up on your summer photos and scrapbooking as a family. Pick your favorite photos, print them and take turn writing captions. Try this great idea  and alphabetize your summer memories. . .H is for hot, hot, hot.

5. Pool it. . inside. Fill up the tub, make yourself a frosty drink and dream of 80-degree days!

Happy Summer! 

PS If you are still hot under the collar, try my favorite yogic cooling breath. It is fun and truly cools you from the inside out.