Homemade Sandcastles

The girls and I are just a little excited about the Blogger Beach Bash tomorrow in Avalon at The Golden Inn.  Sandman Matt Long from the Travel Channel show Sand Masters will be creating a magnificent work of sand art on the beach; a 4 x 4 sandcastle incorporating the logo from The Golden Inn. 

The work will remain on site through the week weather permitting.

While the Sandman is working he will share his skills and give some great tips on the secrets of great sandcastle building. 
Matt's been sculpting sand for about twelve years and professionally since 2001. Matt has been commissioned by an array of companies and organizations including, Atlantis Hotels, Nickelodeon, The PGA Tour, W Hotels, and The Curacao Department of Tourism. And like 
July 24 is also my birthday--and I spent just about every birthday of my childhood on a beach somewhere, building some sort of sandcastle. I cannot think of a better way to spend the big number 35. 
We've been excited for weeks. To get even more in the spirit we made sand clay last night and sculpted permanent sand castles that will dry and we can keep forever (or until I run out of room).
The recipe for sand clay is one a friend found a few years ago in Disney Family Fun.  You can snag the recipe here. We've never attempted because we could not find the one key ingredient Alum. Alum is a non-toxic ingredient that is used in canning (it helps keeps pickles crispy). I finally found it at the local Amish Farmer's Market spice store in Mullica Hill. It was super cheap (like a couple bucks). Amazon also carries it, although in large quantities (and you only need a little!). 
The recipe is easy; just avoid using a non-stick pot (the sand with scratch it). We decorated our final sandcastles with sea shells from past beach vacations, cocktail umbrellas, glitter (loads of glitter) and made personalized flags for each castle. I also used various cups and small bowls to help the girls mold shapes for the castle. I doubled the recipe to make enough for both Lily and Chloe to make a big 
It takes a few days to dry completely--ours are already about halfway dry. 
I can't wait to experiment with this sand clay at christmas and make some fantastic mini-castle ornaments!
Happy Sandcastle Building!
And thanks to the fabulous sponsors for tomorrow's Beach Bash: The Painted Home, Jordan Schneider Financial, Suddenly Safe & Secure Systems, Visit AC and of course, the fabulous Joey Fortman at Real Mom Media for pulling this all together!  


  1. have a great time! nothing better than playing in the sand, young or old!

  2. Have a great time, I am so sad I can't go!!!

  3. that's awesome! similar to what i've used with my students but o am excited to try this new concoction!


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