Twelve things that distract me when I have a deadline in 12 minutes

If I was a cat, I would spend my days chasing light beams and flies. Forget a nap. Or stalking a bird or a mouse.

Give me shiny, moving, flying things.

So, while I have a deadline to meet in like 12 minutes (or so, deadlines are fluid, right?), I've decided to document the 12 things that I find so delightfully distracting.

1. Malaysia. A friend posted about Malaysia. Have spent 10 minutes googling and deciding that I'd rather go to Paris.

2. Paris. Yum, cheese and striped shirts and berets and little dogs.

3. Little dogs. I have a big dog. He is enormous. Yet appears to eat nothing. Eating disorder?

4. Disorder. My desk is in complete disorder. It is chaos. There is debris everywhere. And stacked to the ceiling: canisters of lemonade.

5. Lemonade. In case you have blocked me from your Facebook feed. Lily's Lemonade Stand is Saturday! Link is in my sidebar. Click on it.

6. It. Remember Cousin It on the Addam's Family? I have to get my kids to watch that show and the Munsters and the Flintstones and Gilligan's Island.

7. Island. Pineapples grow on islands. Grilled pineapple with pork loin and a chipotle honey BBQ sauce would be fabulous for dinner.

8. Dinner. I love to cook. But I am so sick of cooking dinner. No idea why. Maybe it is the clean-up or the sheer brain power it takes to cook 12 different meals for the picky eaters in my house.

9. House. I have to clean it. It is a pit.

10. Pit. I have a peach pitter and it is a piece of junk.

11. Junk. in the trunk.

12. Trunk. maybe that is wear my iPhone charger is. . .hmmm. . .better go out to the car.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You never let me down with your posts!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Squirrel - cause instead of working I'm reading Trish's blog.


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