Fun Friday: Sesame Place

I love the long, hot summer days with endless opportunities for adventure! Each Friday, this summer, I will bring you some of my favorite fun spots for the weekend (and weekdays!).

My first fun spot is Sesame Place!

Our family adores Sesame Place for so many reasons--it is close by, the shows and parades are great, the water park is perfect on a hot day and the rides are perfect for young children. Sesame place opened when I was a kid. I remember going with my Nana and my cousins--it was a blast and it still is the best time!

We've taken Lily and Chloe to Sesame numerous times--enjoying it on super hot days, loving the The Very Furry Christmas in December and enjoying a cool Spring opening day. We've never been disappointed.

Our first stop is always the Sunny Day Carousel. It is our last stop as well! Lily is finally tall enough to ride on her own.
New this year is the "Let's Play Together" show, which teaches young children about friendship and features all their favorite characters. Both my girls danced and enjoyed the show. Don't miss the Neighborhood Street Party Parade, typically held twice a day. The parade is fantastic and interactive. My girls love it!

On a hot day, we spent most of the morning and early afternoon in the water park. Our favorite was the lazy river (I think we rode the river four times).  The girls had a blast running through the Count's Splash Castle--a water playground with no lines.

We spent the afternoon enjoying shows, meeting characters and riding the dry rides. Besides the Sunny Day Carousel, the girl's favorite attraction was Ernie's Bed Bounce (they refused to exit, LOL!). And as a family, we had a blast on Glover's World Twirl, a spinning teacup like ride. Lines were relatively short for the dry attractions; while we waited a little longer in the water park--but never too long for our then 5 and 2 year old.

The best part of Sesame Place is the memories--the laughing while we spun until we got dizzy, the joy at watching our daughter's faces light up in delight when they saw Abby Caddaby and warmth of spending time together.

Operating hours vary, so check the website.  There are loads of great eating options within the park, including refillable beverages and popcorn (great if you are there from open to close and plan a return visit). You can pack a picnic and eat outside the park at picnic tables. We typically snacked, ate one meal at the park and grabbed Chik-Fil-A, located close by for the ride home. Our drive from South Jersey was about 40 minutes.

And, new this year: the iPhone App. Ditch the paper map and use the iPhone App to plan your day, check out showtimes, check wait times, and learn fun facts about the park.

There are some great ticket deals including a two-day park pass and ending, today, 6/29, $20-off a single day admission to the park. Check out the deals here.