Not Different.

Lily told me today that she has no affiliation with cancer or brain tumors.

And yes, she used the word affiliation. Because, she is Lily.

I asked her: "But Lily, you know you had a brain tumor, right?"

I am very honest with her. It is her diagnosis, after all. It is not my own. She has to know, so she can be in charge of her own health.

Lily said: "Yes, I know. But I am not a hero. I am just a kid. And everyone else who has cancer or brain tumors is just a kid too. And it makes me feel uncomfortable to talk about it all. Because I am not different."

And as usual, my wise little Lily taught me something. She is not different. None of those kids who are sick and fighting for their lives are different. They are all just kids. They were kids before cancer and they are kids during cancer. The survivors are kids after cancer. Kids--46 a day--diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Just kids. Not different than yours and not different than mine.


  1. It is amazing how kids can be the teacher. They are so innocent and see what we try to hide or cover up. Your Lily seems to be a BRAVE kid such as the other children fighting or have beaten cancer...BRAVE. Thank you for sharing this post. It helps keep things in perspective.


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