So far this week. . .

I sort of think everyone has interesting stories to tell.  Even those people who seem boring are interesting, when they are rambling in a boredom-inducing-monotones about humdrum life events.

Because, what happened to make them so boring? There was to be a story. No one is born dull around the edges.

And it should come as no surprise to you, that I find my own life to be endlessly fascinating, such is my blessing and my curse.  Since I cannot seem to get a coherent entry together, here are my top ten items of note so far this week. . .

1. Today is Bring Your Kid to Work Day. My old man used to bring me to his office at Culligan (he was the original Culligan Man!) where he worked in sales.  Since I was going through a stage in which I wanted to be a hair dresser/journalist I was allowed to give pretend haircuts to all the other salesman with children's scissors, until the day I accidentally cut off a chunk of someone's hair. Then I was just allowed to play with typewriter.  Lily is off on her second- Bring Your Kid to Work Day with Mike, an engineer.  Lily has no idea what an engineer does; but Mike has convinced her that he is solely responsible for the safety of the world's ice cream supply.  Lily now wants to be an artist. Or a chef. Or maybe a grandmother. Anything. As long as there is ice cream.
Future CEO

2. Chloe is addicted to the game of Memory, only because she wins every time. I feel we have a future CEO on our hands, who will make you do the same thing over and over and over and over again just to remind you of her dominance and your failure.

3. Yoke is up over 10,000 pageviews. When I first started writing in Yoke, way back in 2009, I was lucky if three people a month looked at it. I still don't think my family reads it, because they still speak to me. I know some friends read it, even if it is to make sure they are not mentioned. But, I know there are oodles of non-friends reading it. Which, makes me feel like I have a whole gang of stalkers and clearly means, I have arrived! Finally.

4. I went indoor rock climbing on Tuesday with a bunch of near complete strangers. It was random and risky (strangers were holding the rope that was holding me up in the air). And quite possibly, one of the strangest things I've ever done socially. But, I loved it. And I was invited, so I went. And I met wonderful women, who reminded me that I should continue to talking to everyone and having an open heart.  People really are glorious!

5. Henry the dog has definitely gone at least a foot this week. I just know it.  I am currently shopping for a home on Birdwell Island, so he can run with Clifford.

6. I have written exactly ZERO words for The Book. ZERO. But don't tell anyone, thanks.

7. One of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews, responded to my tweet. If you want to know what she said, follow me on Twitter (TrinitasYoga)

8. I kicked off Lemonade Season by speaking to a group of college students at Camden County College. It reminded me how important the work of Alex's Lemonade Stand is to other volunteers and how the message reverberates beyond childhood cancer. No matter what tugs at your heart: you can make a difference. So go do it, now.

9. I am appalled by that teacher and teacher's aide in Cherry Hill and the apparent abuse of a non-verbal student. But, I am not appalled by the American education system and I am not scared to send my children to school. Bad people suck and their poor behavior, overshadows all the good stuff that happens--it makes us all suspicious and weary and angry.  I don't want my children to grow up weary or with an axe to grind.

10. This is a hard time of year for me, as I relive both NICU stays for both my girls and Lily's brain tumor diagnosis, surgeries and treatment. It is also nearing my Father's first birthday post-death. I am definitely on fragile ground.  I started writing, in my head, a one-act monologue called: "A Conversation with a Brain Tumor." It is really weird. The Brain Tumor does not speak and I just yell a lot, while it sits there getting fatter and fatter. This may be too much information. But, it is the only axe I have to grind. And it is the one object that refuses to respond to my demands for more information--why did it swing by my family in the first place?


  1. I am SO glad you came rock climbing. It took some serious ovaries to do it! And I'm not just talking about the climbing itself. You were very brave to meet a bunch of women you didn't know. I thought that was WAY cool. You ROCK!!!

  2. I am admittingly a stalker. Your posts are funny and meaningful. And it doesn't hurt that your children are ADORABLE. Who would tire of your stories? Not I!

    Glad you had a great event with Kappa Delta Pi. Michaela had nice things to say about your visit!

    Thanks for all that you do Trish! :)
    Shirley from Alex's


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