I am hiring, sort of.

I don't really have a set business model or product line or steady source of income.

However, I do have a lot to do. And I want more to do. And I refuse to give any of it up. Call me Martha (i.e. sister of Mary of Bethany and Lazarus, that dead guy Jesus raised who was obsessed with doing everything at all times) or the other Martha (Stewart. However, I am not so much into cleaning, jail and farm animals, but I could be. ) or just call me crazy.

A good friend did ask me if I was bipolar this week, but I digress.

I woke up this morning and realized it was Thursday. My husband is always fascinated with me--like I am a pretty shiny object or a large whale that washed up on the beach. He often says:  "What do you do all day?," while stepping over the laundry in the dining room. So, here is my first ever list of what I do! (Note it never includes cleaning. or laundry. I do that. but not often or in any sort of organized fashion).
Already this week, I've:

The last of the mismatched socks. 

  • Done a radio interview (my first!! now I want a radio show!! or at least a radio studio room in my basement)
  • I wrote a chapter for the book 
  • I've landed (I think!) a new social media gig for a fabulous client
  • I've discussed yoga and arts therapy and began to plan a special class for breast cancer survivors
  • Started some plans for Lemonade Season (save the date June 9, Lily's Lemonade Stand)
  • Began quietly percolating on a new direction in my yoga teaching and writing life. 
  • Stayed up late reading stories of childhood cancer while drinking tea and weeping (am so bipolar)
  • I've put out about 40 fires between various social circles and groups (drama!)
  • Blogged 
  • Worked on a fabulous, top-secret amazing writing project/world changing empire (it is just a little thing really) with my partner Michelle. (whose last name I will not divulge because it is classified)
  • Gone to gymnastics, choir, bible study, horse back riding. 
  • Worked on yoga lessons
  • Pretended to go for a long run (exhausting)
  • Worn my Gloucester Township Patch Adkins hat and written a Patch piece
  • Wrote and pitched a few new stories
  • I've misplaced my children three times (a new record!)
  • And perhaps most importantly: I've worn all my mismatched socks and now it is warming up and will no longer be boot weather, so I've spent hours thinking about pedicures and praying I won't have to wear Lily's Justin Bieber socks as a last resort.

And it is just Thursday.

I need an assistant (or a clone).

So I am hiring, sort of. I am looking for an intern. Someone who is young, organized like Martha, but accepting like a Saint and has superior technology skills and at the same time does not remind receiving very, very, very, very important notes written in a hot pink Sharpie on the back of an American Girl Catalog.  Someone who is dedicated to a life of service (to me! to me! to me!! just kidding!) in the community and who loves to write. Someone who wants to see what the life of a working writer/poor philanthropist is like. Someone who wants to learn something about writing a book and who maybe wants to write their own someday. Someone who is happy to be help launch a series of AMAZING projects.

Someone who is hungry to learn, but has enough money to eat. Apply within. I will pay you (most likely late and with jelly beans, but if you are the assistant, you can handle the books and just pay yourself).


  1. I will not divulge your partner's last name either. However, I would like to use said intern (should one apply) 50% of the time.

    Also, I am slightly jealous. I think I do as much in a day as you- but man are my priorities whacked. NEVER does my list include stuff like 'did a radio show', 'wrote a chapter for the book', or 'landed a new social media gig' (btw ???) ... No my list is more like...
    folded laundry
    packed lunches
    went to the bank
    wrote a blog post
    folded more laundry
    went to health food store
    forgot to buy stamps so went back to post office
    cleaned out fridge
    checked email
    folded even more laundry
    did homework with kids
    lamented about never leaving my house other than to run errands
    scrubbed the bathroom floor
    looked for wine
    realized we had none.
    watched tv
    talked about going to bed
    spent 4 hours on Facebook instead.


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