The "F" word and other hysteria

I used to blame dropping the F bomb on my Austrialian co-workers. They used to say f.u.c.k. like others say "hello, you look pretty." It was smooth. sweet. and oh, so complimentary. I don't work there anymore. I still say, well, you know that very bad word.

The truth is, I have the mouth of a sailor, probably something I inherited from my father, who was actually a sailor and as logic would dictate, quite literally had the mouth of a sailor.


I have two young children. I am a yoga teacher. I am a Girl Scout troop leader. I am a volunteer everywhere.  I am a Christian. I go to church. I go to bible study. And I write about faith. And I pray. I pray all the time.

I still cannot stop it with that word and many other related words that would get my mouth washed out with soap if my Nana was still alive and kicking.

I am quite sure I am offensive.

And shouldn't I, the mother who accidently taught her child  the word "untenable", have a better word to describe the most fucked-up shit that can happen?

Opps. There it goes.

The fact is, sometimes there are no other words. Sometimes, there simply is not anything else that can be said. Sometimes things are just that vulgar and I am just that irate. Sometimes, I have no discipline.

And that my friends is the fudgesicle truth.

See, I am already rehabilitating myself. One F word at a time.


  1. Ha ha ha... "fudgesicle"! I too have a potty mouth at times - particularly when I'm playing tennis and miss a shot. Sadly our club has a "no profanity" clause (and sometimes I'm playing on a court next to kids), so I've managed to either mouth my curses with no sound (usually) or use these great replacement words: sugar, fudge, and fudgesicle! My mom used to say "S...ugar H...oney I...ced T...ea" which I allows thought was adorable!
    By the way, don't feel bad about cursing - psychological studies have shown that cursing right after injury (like a stubbed toe) reduces pain. Really!

  2. I used to work on a trading desk on wall street and F&ck was the word of choice and now I work for an awesome Scottish man who says "for fucks sake" All The time, I blame them for my uncontrolable use of the word

  3. suprisingly i am pretty good at controling my tongue around tender ears...i sometimes use the lord's name in vein which i am sure i am forgiven for. but i say these things under my breathe when the need to be said outta frustration.


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