Mama Body

It has taken me a long, long time to love my body.

I remember days before I had boobs, hating that I had none. And then, when I had boobs, hating them so much I wanted to stuff them somewhere (perhaps in my back pocket, because goodness knows I have no ass to speak of). I remember feeling like my legs were too skinny and then when I was pregnant, that my legs were too fat.

Body image really has nothing to do with your weight or the size of your boobs or the shape of your figure. It really is all in your head.

In May, I wrote my Patch column about Beach Body Yoga (Check out: Beach Body Yoga: It's not what you think). After writing it, I remember a simple formula for my body hating days, which come and go like the seasons. When I don't love my body, my body image suffers. When I love my body--by resting, eating well, laughing, exercising, trying to do my best everyday and always giving myself permission to not over think food--my body image is on top. It never matters what the scale says when I truly love myself.

A blogger that I know over at Six Year Itch has started an amazing Love Your Body project. Drop by, read the pieces (they are great) and check out this fabulous VLog entry, which really rang true in my heart.

On Saturday, join the Twitter Conversation at 10 p.m., using #geekher.

And love your body--it is yours to love.



  1. oh women how i love your bodies and you loathe them so......


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