Chinese Takeout: The Vote

Am I the only one having nightmares about dragons?
I am sure you recall my insanely ambitious goal of writing a book before next the Chinese New Year.

Earlier this year, I provided y'all with an update and a plea that I be harassed. I am happy to report, that no one has harassed me; yet I've become so paranoid, that I've harassed myself.

Like yesterday, when I spent an hour starring at myself in the mirror and silently screaming--your book, your book, GO WRITE YOUR BOOK!!!!  Or last week, when I refused to look in the mirror because I was afraid of getting yelled at.

The book has slowly transformed into two very separate books. And, while I am one to jump into the impossible with an optimistic attitude, I think two books before the Year of the Rabbit concludes is a tad bit unreasonable.

Now I am left with the ultimate decision: do I order egg rolls or spring rolls? Which book do I write? Which book do I save for a rainy day?

I am decidedly unable to make any sort of decision. (This is chronic. I've been known to wear one outfit and bring another with me in my handbag, just in case I change my mind.) Therefore, dear Yoke-sters--I need your help.

I need a vote.  What do you want to read? Since I am paranoid, I cannot reveal too much (and yes, I know, no one is stealing my ideas. no one is stealing my unique life experience. and there are no monsters under the bed).

What I can reveal is this:

Book 1, which I refer to as the Egg Roll, is a bit of a memoir. It is about cancer, motherhood, surviving and yoga.

Book 2, which I refer to as the Spring Roll, is also a bit of a memoir mixed with self-help mixed with how-to. It is about motherhood, chaos, peace, survival, a little bit of cancer, but mostly pausing.

What will it be? Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls?